56 – Cisco WebEx

UP 8 places

Cisco Webex is web meeting software that combines file and presentation sharing with video and meeting spaces.

Website: webex.com
Cost: Commercial conferencing platform. Free Meeting spaces
Availability: Online

Ranking on the 2020 sub-lists

Top 100 Tools for
Personal Learning:
Top 100 Tools for
Workplace Learning: 37
Top 100 Tools for
Education: 32

Overall rankings in the 14 surveys: 2007-2020

2020: 56 2019: 64 2018: 49 2017: 60 2016: 36 2015: 72 2014: 60
2013: 44 2012: 54 2011: – 2010: 85 2009: 67 2008: – 2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Cisco WebEx as one of their top tools

“It provides the essential basic framework to provide engaging, synchronous online training interventions. It has been essential in replacing face to face training in the current health situation while having the security level required in a sensitive public service organisation.” Learning Designer, UK,. 2020

“My kids’ schooling during the pandemic” Effrosini, HR manager in charge of Digital Learning, Greece, 2020

“Similar to Zoom, but well suited for large webinars and learning experiences” Manager of Product Development, USA, 2019

“Use it a lot for online training” Trainer, India, 2019

Quick Guide to Cisco Webex

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Cisco Webex for teaching, training, learning and development.

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