Voting 2019

Voting for the Top Tools for Learning 2019 – the 13th Annual Digital Learning Tools survey is now open and will close mid-day GMT, Friday 13 September 2019.

Jane Hart will once again be compiling a list of the Top 200 Tools for Learning as well as  3 sub-lists:

  1. Top 100 Digital Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019 – ie. the digital tools used by individuals for their own (self-organised) learning and self-improvement – inside and outside the workplace.
  2. Top 100 Digital Tools for Workplace Learning 2019 – ie. the digital tools used to design, deliver, enable, support learning in the workplace
  3. Top 100 Digital Tools for Education 2019 – ie. the digital tools used by educators and students in schools, colleges, universities, adult education etc.

Results will be released: 8 am GMT, Monday 30 September 2019

How to vote – There are a number of ways to vote for your favourite tools:

  • Use the online form below. (Please note each entry is manually validated.)
  • Email your 10 tools to with indication of where you work
  • Tweet your 10 tools to @C4LPT with indication of category/ies above (ie 1,2 and/or 3)
  • Write a blog post about your choice and send the link to Jane Hart.

Voting guidance

  • A valid entry needs to include 10 different digital tools – listed in ANY ORDER. Note, an entry with fewer than 10 different tools will not be counted.
  • Please name 10 specific digital products rather than generic digital technologies (e.g. “Blogger” or “WordPress”, rather than “blogs” or “blogging”).
  • Note that a vote for Microsoft Office of Office365 will be split over Word and PowerPoint, so please vote individually for these Office tools, i.e. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook etc.
  • Note that a vote for Google will be a vote for Google Search, so if you want to vote for other Google tools, you will need to name them individually, e.g. Google Docs/Drive, Google Scholar, Google Maps, or Google Suite (for the badged collection of Google apps)
  • Finally, votes are accepted only at the discretion of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. All votes will be manually processed and although we do not collect any personally identifiable data, we will capture your IP address to prevent multiple voting.

Top Tools for Learning 2019 Survey