Voting 2021

What are the most popular digital tools for learning and why?

In 2021 we are running the 15th Annual Survey to create the
and THREE sub-lists to show how the tools are used in different contexts:

  1. Top 100 Tools for PERSONAL LEARNING 2021 – the tools used for your own self-improvement and self-development
  2. Top 100 Tools for WORKPLACE LEARNING 2021 – the tools used to support learning at work – both formal and informal
  3. Top 100 Tools for EDUCATION 2021 – the tools used by educators and students in schools, colleges and/or universities

Voting will close at noon (BST) on Thursday 26 August 2021
Results will be available at 8 am (BST) on Wednesday 1 September 2021

How to vote

  1. All you have to do is to name ten digital tools – they can be platforms, applications, resources, networks or other online services but not devices- and they can be listed in any order. They should be specific tools rather than generic technologies, e.g. “Blogger” or “WordPress” rather than “Blogging”  (The reason we require TEN tools is to mitigate gaming and skewing of the voting.)
  2. Then select the context(s) in which YOU use each of the tools – i.e. for self-improvement, at work and/or in a school, college or university
  3. And ideally (although not required) write a sentence or two about why you like each tool.

You can vote in a number of ways:

  • Use the online form below.
  • Email your 10 tools to with indication of (a) which context you use them (ie 1,2, and/or 3 above) together with your job role
  • Tweet your 10 tools to @C4LPT with indication of indication of which context you use them (ie 1,2, and/or 3 above)
  • Write a blog post about your choice and send the link to Jane Hart.

Voting notes:

  • A vote for Microsoft Office of Office365 will be split over Word and PowerPoint, so please vote individually for these Office tools, i.e. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook etc.
  • A vote for Google will be a vote for Google Search, so if you want to vote for other Google tools, you will need to name them individually, e.g. Google Docs/Drive, Google Scholar, Google Maps, or Google Suite (for the badged collection of Google apps)
  • ONE VOTE PER PERSON. All votes are manually scrutinised and are accepted only at the discretion of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Please note we capture your IP address to monitor multiple entries from the same location.