Voicethread is an online application that allows users to have conversations around digital media.

Website: voicethread.com
Free and Premium versions
Availability: Online

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 147    2017: 194    2016: 193     2015: –        2014: 52     2013: 40
2012: 31      2011: 25      2010: 19       2009: 19      2008: 23    2007: –

Comments from some of those that selected VoiceThread as one of their Top 10 Tools

“For discussion and language learning, flexible and user friendly.” Teresa MacKinnon, University/College teacher, UK, 2016

“Training of listening/speaking skills and pronunciation” 2013
“video lecture + Discussion board in one place”  Lyra Hilliard 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“is a Web 2.0 hosted service that takes slide-type presentations to a whole new level.  It is easy to create presentations with either audio or video support tracks.  VoiceThread makes it possible to record “live annotations” while recording a presentation.  The end result is a streaming presentation that greatly improves instructor presence.  VoiceThread creates a warmer teaching-learning experience.” Rick Lillie

“Promotes asynchronous discussion about posted subjects. This utility leapfrogs all other applications because of its inclusiveness and simplicity. One a photo, video, graphic or document is posted, visitors can comment on it by recording audio files or entering text. You can even phone your comments to the site. Can make graphic notations on the item of discussion while talking. Tough to describe, it’s a MUST SEE to BELIEVE.” Leigh Zeitz

“You can upload pictures and create an audio narrative to go along with them.  In addition, audio comments can be left by visitors.  VoiceThread also provides a great deal to teachers by allowing them to get their premium services for free, including allowing them to create a zillion VoiceThreads for free.  Happily, they’ve finally incorporated the feature of allowing you to include images off the web just by inserting its url.”  Larry Ferlazzo

“Without a doubt, as significant a development as the pencil was to learning! I really mean that. Simply upload photos and then watch as others speak and write about the photos. Stories, maps, personal albums, advice columns, everything is possible. Be sure to check out Dr. Quinn’s Love line – so cute. A special educator discount only costs $10!!!”  David Deubelbeiss