Videoscribe lets you create your own whiteboard-style animations with no design or technical know-how.

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Comments from some of those who selected Videoscribe as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“Because of its easy to use ability for creating hand drawn animations and whiteboard videos.” Instructional Designer, India

Previous comments

“Very easy, affordable and flexible storytelling producing tool.” Julio Cunha, Brazil

“easy for making short movies for learning” Bert van der Neut

“great tool for visual display of information, or process” Beth Linden, L&D Manager, USA, 2016

“This has genuine potential for us – quick and easy to use, with a style that fits with our brand and organisation.” Simon Gosney, L&D Manager, UK, 2016

“A great whiteboard presentation tool. Have to say I used this for ages, then the price went through the roof making it p[prohibitive expensive for the limited times I needed it.” Steve Adams, Trainer/Instructor, UK, 2016

“for relatively simple making little animations to make clear a more abstract subject for our learners” Hedwig Belle, e-learning developer, Netherlands, 2016

“An easy to use too for developing animations”

“Videoscribe for developing animations” Ellen Schuurink, 2015