Udutu’s course authoring software lets you build courses quickly and easily online either on your own or collaboratively with others. There is also a Udutu LMS

Website: udutu.com
Cost: Free authoring tool. Hosting charge for content
Availability: Online

Past Overall Rankings2
2018: 110    2017: 96     2016: 61      2015: 53      2014: 50    2013: 50
2012: 67      2011: 69      2010: 95      2009: 64     2008:          2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Udutu as one of their Top Tools 

“elearning course, prework for courses and course follow-up and reinforcement” Jill Pergant, UK

“opportunity to design and develop multi-layer multimedia products, embedding virtually any type of files” Pencho Mihnev, University/College teacher, Bulgaria, 2016

“As a minimal user, it’s free, and there are no restrictions on the development. I can also post to my Moodle site for free too. Really easy to use, and definitely my favourite.” Steve Adams, Trainer/Instructor, UK, 2016

“Udutu Authoring tool,- Free, powerful, easy to use, great for scenarios. Udutu LMS, -easy to implement and customize, cheap inexpensive, versatile.” Roger Mundell, Vendor, Canada, 2016

“Udutu authoring Tools – easy to use with many interactive tools. Udutu LMS – Well supported and flexible team with which to work” Robert Craigo, 2015

“Udutu LMS simple to set up, fast and scalable! Udutu authoring tool! keeps improving, easy branching!” Richard Mundell, 2015

“We use this free authoring tool to create all the learning content in our sales skills tool. Easy to use with lots of bells and whistles to spice up a course.” Linda Willis, 2014

“Awesome product for creating courses online Christina Carboni” 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“Simply a SaaS revelation! Udutu is a flexible and easy to learn courseware creation tool. It can be deployed with LMS and LCMS functionality and has an exemplary business model. Udutu is Web 2.0 aware and millennial-learner (as well as teacher) friendly. The best part though is the generous and responsive nature of the company in developing and maintaining this service.” Ian E Gibson

“Naturally I use these tools for almost everything” Roger Mundell