TypePad is an online blogging service.  There are a number of pricing plans as well as for extra functionality like storage space, scheduling of postings etc.

Website: typepad.com
Cost: Free and premium plans
Availability: Online

Past Overall Rankings
2018: –   2017: –   2016: –      2015: –     2014: –      2013: –
2012: –   2011: –   2010: 95   2009: 88   2008: 44   2007: 57

Comments from some of those who selected TypePad as one of their Top 10 Tools 

“I use this blog tool for some years now. User-friendly and reliable.  Helps me reflecting on developments.”  Wilfred Rubens

“Writing a blog is a learning activity, of course,  but reading the best blogs that are available is one of my most productive learning experiences.”  Jerome Martin

Great blogging tool.”  Phil Bradley

“My recommended blog platform. Blogging has become a key medium for self-directed learning and TypePad serves me well.”  Patrick Mayfield

“This is the platform I use for blogging.  I was able to get my blog up and running quickly and easily at the time when I knew nothing about blogging.”  Anastasia Prynikova

“Economical. Very fast support-desk, run by humans. Easily learnt, but see The new polaroid is Typepad for an adverse comment on what happens if you want to move stuff out of Typepad”  Seb Schmoller