105 – TweetDeck

DOWN 11 places in 2021

TweetDeck is a dashboard for staying in touch with what’s happening and connecting you with your contacts on Twitter.

Website: tweetdeck.com
Cost: Free.
Availability: Web version or download for iOS

Ranking on the 2021 sub-lists

Top 150 Tools for
Personal Learning: 54
Top 150 Tools for
Workplace Learning:
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Overall rankings in the previous 14 surveys: 2007-2020

2020: 94 2019: 43 2018: 75 2017: 64 2016: 82 2015: 80 2014: 51
2013: 63 2012: 40 2011: 37 2010: 37 2009: 43 2008: – 2007: –

Comments on TweetDeck in 2021

“For me, a better way to use Twitter, based on lists.” Mercè Gamell, Freelancer teacher and project manager, Spain

“Listen tool and also programme my tweets.” Eva Añón, Social Media Manager, Spain

Previous comments

“is the place where I quickly and easily keep up with what’s happening in the world – and in particular what others are up to with their ideas and activities around workplace learning. It’s the first place I go to when I wake up in the morning. But I do prefer to use  TweetDeck rather than the web interface – where I’ve set up different columns for my news feed, mentions, hashtags I follow, etc. This makes it much easier for me to see the overall picture of what’s happening in the moment.” Jane Hart, UK, 2020

“Twitter is a regular feature of how I see what people are pointing to, as well as pointing to things I’ve found as well. Chats there are fun, too. Like Jane, Tweetdeck is my tool of course on my Mac. I have to use the Twitter client on iPad/iOS, since they’ve taken away Tweetdeck on the iPad (grr).” Clark Quinn, USA, 2020

“After curating the Twitter feed to follow a critical mass of folks who provide useful content along with good entertainment, I find that Tweetdeck is far superior to the Twitter app or web interface. Using columns for lists and custom searches allows me to more easily organize the tweets into useful areas when I need them.” Audrey J Williams, Vice President, IT/CIO, USA, 2020

“For me, it’s the only way I like to access Twitter.” Learning Content Developer, Spain, 2019

Quick Guide to TweetDeck

Here you will find some basic guidance and inks to resources on how to use TweetDeck for teaching, training, learning and development.

Access to the Quick Guides is currently only for registered users. Registration will open up again shortly.