Turn video chats into podcasts

MakeUseOf has an interesting article, You Can Now Turn Video Chats Into Podcasts Using Anchor

Anchor has launched a new video-to-audio conversion feature which lets you turn your video chats into audio podcasts. This means that you can hang out with friends on Zoom or Google Meet (now free for everyone) and record a podcast at the same time.

nchor, an all-in-one podcasting platform owned by Spotify, announced the new feature on Medium. And it claims the feature works with almost all of your favorite video chat apps. Essentially, if you can record your video chat, Anchor can convert it into audio.

All you need to do is record your video chat and upload the file to Anchor. Anchor will automatically convert the video file to audio, where it will show up in your library. You can then edit it in any way you see fit before publishing it as a podcast.