24 – TED Talks

UP 6 places in 2019

TED is a non-profit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading – annual conferences, the annual TED Prize and local TEDx events.  TED Ed is a tool to create lessons around TED Talks and other videos.

Website: ted.com
Cost: Free
Availability: Online
Category: 01: Web resources (and apps)

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 17
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 41
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 21

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 30.   2017: 31     2016: 21    2015: 35    2014: 26    2013: 25
2012: 25    2011: 30     2010: –       2009: –      2008: –       2007:-

Comments from some of those who selected TED as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“Still the best place to find jewels of interesting content. Its diverse range of topics is a good place to start research. The keyword there is start – don’t use it as a singular source and it will add to your other information streams.” Andrew Jacobs, UK https://lostanddesperate.com/2019/09/04/top-10-tools-for-learning-2019/

“To get inspiration from out-of-the box thinkers” Wilma Hartenfels, Digital Learning Expert, Germany, https://www.linkedin.com/posts/wilmahartenfels-inspiredlearninginadigitalworld_janes-top-10-tools-for-learning-2019-activity-6570580971278610433-IU3p 

“I absolutely love Ted Talks. I began using them for my own professional learning but soon realised the value in sharing these across the organisation. Wherever possible (and appropriate), I also include Ted Talks in the content design for our staff CPD hub. My first ever Ted Talk was by Amy Cuddy, and I’m still trying to ‘fake it til I make it’. Inspirational stuff!” Learning & Development Coordinator, UK

“Easy to listen to identify and watch diverse range of talks with easy steps to implement learnings from.” Head of Learning, Australia

“I like watching these VERY interesting and mostly short videos, because I can get new input, a different type of information and another (personal, professional) perspective towards a subject.” Student/HR Intern, Germany

“Although I should be making my own videos, why would I not use a 15-20 minute, professionally done video performed by a well-known expert? TEDTalks opens up worlds for people.” Assistant Professor, USA

“Excellent video and audio quality of clips, wide variety of topics, fun to use to spice up content that students might find dry, great diversity of presenters!” Instructor, USA

“Love a good TED talk presentation. Able to share with colleagues some positive messages.” L&D Manager, UK

“short sharp, great to watch presenters who do it well, good variety of topics, free” Senior HR Advisor, Australia

“TED is an amazing source of expert content.” Lecturer, UK

Previous comments

“A great resource for inspiring talks by a diverse range of speakers. Generally very good content and delivered engagingly.” Anon, UK

“Outstanding source for inspiring me on presentations, speeches, new ideas, refine my pitch with customers.” Miguel Canas, Spain

“TED-Ed: videos are amazing for highlighting important issues and research and translating them in a way that everyone can understand” Consultant, Netherlands

“Massive range of topics, and standards of speakers. Some really inspirational stuff.” Steve Adams, Instructional designer, UK, 2016

“loads of inspiring speeches which I sometimes revisit and use in my work” L&D Manager, UK, 2016

“The tool that triggers out-of-the-box thinking and gives me access to diverse views, thoughts and ideas from people around the world” Taruna Goel, L&D Manager, Canada, 2016

“always a great source of information” Francesco Pucci, Consultant, Italy, 2016

“I have utilized tedtalks as a student teacher to give students new ideas, but mostly I use it for myself to learn and gain new ideas for how I will conduct myself in the classroom and life.” Bethany Langley, Instructional Technology Student, USA, 2016

“Use frequently in presentations. Typically embedded in Powerpoint slides.” John Thompson, University/College teacher, Canada, 2016

“This parody of a TED talk is brilliant but there is still a lot of value to be had from the videos. I appreciate that the style is tired to some but TED talks are quick (18 minutes) and used as part of wider support can be excellent ways to headline or summarise additional content.” Andrew Jacobs, L&D Manager, UK, 2016

“influential videos used in personal life, in the classroom, and further learning in various areas of life. Who doesn’t love TED. I have learned so much from TED and find that many are applicable to the classroom and for those days that I just need a pick me up. One does have to be careful due to the fact that not all are based in fact and are opinion based. So, research has to be completed to make sure it just isn’t inspirational and that it has educational merit.” Virginia Goen, 2015

“Yes, I could have been more broad an voted for YouTube, but honestly I find TED Talks to be an extremely valuable subset of online videos. Not only are some of the talks exciting and thought-provoking and idea-inducing, but I also refer people to TED in order to study how to begin a presentation, how to grab the audience’s attention, how to hold the audience’s attention, and how to wrap up a presentation with punch.” Brian Washburn, 2015

“influential videos used in personal life, in the classroom, and further learning in various areas of life”  2015

“use the talks in classes all the time”  Debra Lee 2013
“TED Talks – these are useful for developing academic study skills such as note-taking, as well as for focussing on specific topics in class.”  Jayne Whistance 2013
“got a spare 10, 20, 30, 40 minutes – then quickly and easily get inspired” 2013