NOT ON THE TOP 100 TOOLS LIST IN 2022 is a social media publishing platform where users curate content on their favourite topics and share it as a visual magazine.

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Comments on Scoopit 

“The best curation tool for serious information, to elaborate content hubs with selected resources elevated by teachers and shared to learners. Can be used for self and life-long learning, for microlearning…” Gilbert Faure, Professor, France, 2021

“For content curation, research, personal network learning (PLN)” Learning Ecologies Designer, Puerto Rico, 2019

Quick Guide to 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links on how to use Scoopit for teaching, training, learning and development. is a valuable curation tool that helps YOU locate new content on the Web and keep track of it Although its emphasis has now moved towards business use, individuals can still make use of it curate new web content on a daily basis. visualises (in the diagram below) how content curation works


You can create pages with the content you curate minutes and then share them with your networks to build your professional brand by feeding your social channels automatically with the curated content or embedding your content in your website or blog

To start using Scoopit to create your own content, you simply decide on a topic. Then you either add any web page yourself using the Scoopit bookmarklet or Scoopit will scour the web for you. Once you add a page it is useful to add your own insight before you publish it on your page.

Here is the page for Robin Good (a master curator) which shows his curated topics as well as his curated scoops.

Other people can now view your magazine and subscribe to it

You can also embed any other scoops into your blog or web page as in the example below

Here is some general guidance on using

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