Get the most out of what you read. Readwise makes it easy to revisit and learn from your ebook & article highlights.

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Comments on Readwise

“I read quite a lot. But once you have read it, there is little chance that you will reread certain things. No? Well, Readwise offers an answer here, because the tool reminds me of important elements that I have read in books and blog articles. The effort? ‘whatever! If you’ve been using an app for 60+ days in a row, you know it’s a classic in the making.” Matthias Vermeulen, Belgium, 2021

“Have you ever gone to purchase a book, only to have the book seller’s website tell you that you had already bought it? Have you ever went to read a book, only to discover you read it years ago? Readwise helps resurface the highlights that you have saved from a number of digital sources. You can save highlights from Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Instapaper, PDF documents, Inoreader, Evernote, and a whole lot of other services. Their tagline explains the functionality well: “Readwise helps thousands of readers get the most out of their digital highlights.”” Bonnie Stachowiak, HE educator, USA, 2021

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