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UP 1 PLACE IN 2022

Find and create quizzes. It works on any device with any browser. Live.

Website: quizizz.com
Cost: Free.
Availability: Online

Rankings in the previous surveys: 

2021: 37 2020: 62 2019: 177 2018: – 2017: 107 2016: – 2015: – 2014: –
2013: – 2012: – 2011: – 2010: – 2009: – 2008: – 2007: –

Comments on Quizizz in 2022

“Quiz platform. Makes every quiz fun.” Katerina, K12 teacher, UKraine

“It makes the lesson more interactive with a general activity that could be used for motivation or a control activity that can be used for evaluation.” Carmen Gisella grades Ramirez, English Teacher, Peru

Previous comments on Quizizz

“Quizizz is a great website that has many different pre-made quizzes you can do with students. You can change the settings on this software to make the games more fun or serious. You can allow student superpowers and multiple chances on questions if you desire. Quizzes presents an assessment that students enjoy. You play Quizizz in teams or individually as well. Best of all, you are able to save a report of the results from each quiz for your grades and records. I use this for fun assessments sometimes in class.” Darren Vance, Middle School Math Teacher, USA, 2021

“My students adore it because they love quiz competitions.” K12 teacher, Croatia, 2021

“Great tool for game-based learning. Can be used as a formative assessment or for a review activity” Science Teacher, 2020

“Another great tool for collecting information or seeing how the students are doing. Can be used as a game or just as a homework assignment.” Teacher, UK, 2020

“great and easy to setup” Fizaril Amzari Omar, Malaysia, 2019

Quick Guide to Quizizz 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Quizizz for teaching, training, learning and development.

In education Quizizz provides free tools to teach and learn anything, on any device, in‑person or remotely. Here are some of its features.

  • Students ALWAYS see questions on their own screen.
  • Bring people together (apart) with live quizzes and polls.
  • Create student-paced assignments, share flashcards, and get families involved too

Here’s the Quizizz Guide to Distance Learning

In the workplace Quizizz can be used to engage remote employees by creating (live) quizzes, presentations, polls, and e-learning that anyone can play on any device.

Further resources

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