67 – Powtoon

A further drop of 22 places in 2019

PowToon is an online tool that lets you create animated video explainers.

Website: powtoon.com
Cost: Free and Premium versions
Availability: Online

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 45
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 72

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 45    2017: 29    2016: 22    2015: 19    2014: 46    2013: –
2012: –       2011: –       2010: –      2009: –       2008: –      2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected PowToon as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

  • “for building explainer videos. Also use doodly, animaker and moovly, but they have a lot more restrictions.” L&D Specialist, Australia

Previous comments

  • “I use it to make learning animations. It has a bit of a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, big results” Katrin Naert, Netherlands
  • “Except for the price it offers a lot more than videoscribe.” William Probeck, USA
  • “My go-to place for animations.” Stefan Van Der Velde, Online learning facilitator, Belgium, 2016
  • “easy animations you can personalise” e-learning developer, UK, 2016
  • “this is fun to use for short videos.” Amy Rossetti, University/College teacher, USA, 2016
  • “The first time I saw another teacher present at a faculty meeting using PowToons I thought it was a professionally created video. (I suppose in a way, it was!) PowToons allows you to turn presentations into animated cartoons without any knowledge of computer animation. When used thoughtfully it dramatically increases the level of engagement compared to a slideshow. I’ve found that it is a great way to introduce classroom procedures, or create instructional videos for projects or assignments. I always post PowToons videos I show in class on my Google Classroom stream.” Chris Johnson, Primary/Secondary (K12) teacher, USA, 2016
  • “I have only just started to use this and the constant reminders of their Awesomeness are a bit tiresome but they make great little teaser videos that are working for us at present” L&D Consultant, USA, 2016
  • “for explainer videos it can be very easy to do funny videos” Guido Hornig, Online learning facilitator, Germany, 2016
  • “I was slow to warm to this little tool, which helps you create short cartoons in a relatively short period of time. But the spirit eventually grabbed me and now I have a lot of fun with this tool – whether to promote a new learning module or just goofing around. Looking for something that’s a little different – not quite a full-on elearning module but much more fun that a plain old email announcing the roll-out of a new training offering? Give it a try!” Brian Washburn, 2015
  • “A different nice way to create educational content,” Despina, Kalilali, 2014

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