PebblePad is a learning journey platform, used in colleges, universities and professional bodies.

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Overall rankings in the 14 surveys: 2007-2020

2020: – 2019: 164 2018: 161 2017: 161 2016: – 2015: – 2014: –
2013: – 2012: – 2011: – 2010: – 2009: – 2008: – 2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected PebblePad as one of their top tools

“Using this tool with the Management program cohort, reflective learning and a place to share further resources and readings. Flexible tool to create modules, add videos, reflective thinking spaces” Senior HR Advisor, Australia

“Started using it in the MWL course with Jane. Now use it across my whole life. Starting to log everything in Pebble Pad. At work, I am using PP for Project ” Sharyn Mayne, Australia

Quick Guide to PebblePad 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to external resources on how to use PebblePad for teaching, training, learning and development.

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