38 – Outlook

UP a further 8 places this year

Outlook is the email client within the Microsoft Office suite.

Website: outlook.com
Cost: Commercial. Free Trial
Availability: Download

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 33
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 27
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 22

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 46.    2017: 51     2016: 50    2015: 62    2014: 36    2013: 39
2012: 49     2011: 69     2010: 95    2009: 67    2008: 38    2007: 17

Comments from some of those who selected Outlook as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“It is my personnel assistant. I use folders in my email, I schedule in my calendar, I curate contacts et use the reminders religiously.” Online education technologist, Canada

“Cannot do without emails! Outlook for me continues to be the digital tool of choice when wanting to be in touch, communicate, meet, organise tasks/appointments.” Digital Trainer, UK

“convenient access work or on phone, share information and read easily” Senior HR Advisor, Australia

Previous comments

“vital communication tool for my business” Jill Pergant, UK

” I use this for productivity at work” Sharon Mayne, Australia

“For email, calendaring, scheduling, task lists, and organizing my day.” Christine Garraway, Trainer/Instructor, USA, 2016

“Calendar helps to structure my work, Mail,to Push ” Thomas Jenewein, Germany, 2016

“indispensable. Daily use.” David Shindler, Job Career & Employability, UK, 2016

“helps me meet with my team” Beth McGoldrick, 2015

“Work email like it or loathe it, email is still the dominant communication tool for private communication in both personal and work contexts. It’s the one thing I consistently check multiple times a day.At work – well, it’s still far and away the leading communication tool (aside from going up to someone and talking to them…)” Tanya Lau, 2014

“Can you believe it? I have in the past referred to it as the worst software ever written. It is much improved. More significantly, Thunderbird has not kept pace. I use Outlook for email and calendaring. Both of these are critical for me today. The Thunderbird-Google Calendar alternative simply doesn’t work.” Stephen Downes, 2014

“great for sending out attachments for revision to A level pupils” John Wishart, 2014

“useful for maintenance of communication with teachers and students”  Brij Bhushan Huria 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“I continue to stick with Microsoft Office tools because they work and I know them back to front. Outlook is essential to the way I organise my work – I use it for email, RSS feeds, to-do lists, contacts and my calendar (but not my notes)” Clive Shepherd

“For mail, managing tasks and contacts”  Wilfred Rubens

“The email platform I use for corporate communication.”  Janet Clarey

“This is my organiser, I share this with my colleagues. It is synchronised with my Blackberry. I couldn’t be without it..”  Karen Ver

“Yes, I still read and write email, and I try to keep my Inbox as near zero as possible.  I also use Outlook as my central store for contacts and calendar.  I use it for Notes/Journal much less now that I use a Moleskin or MindManager for notes”  Jack Vinson