32 – OneNote

DOWN 1 place in 2021

OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing all your ideas and to-dos on the go.

Website: onenote.com
Cost: Free
Availability: Download

Ranking on the 2021 sub-lists

Top 150 Tools for
Personal Learning: 20
Top 150 Tools for
Workplace Learning: 20
Top 150 Tools for
Education: 36

Overall rankings in the previous 14 surveys: 2007-2020

2020: 31 2019: 22 2018: 16 2017: 21 2016: 19 2015: 46 2014: 68
2013: 69 2012: 71 2011: 100 2010: 85 2009: – 2008: 66 2007: –

Comments on OneNote in 2021

“Students get all the exam preparation material in one place.” Ana-Marika Korent, History teacher, Croatia

“Use it to organize my favorite resources, notes from meetings, research notes, etc.” Training Director, USA

“documentation, collaboration, creating learning circles” Magnus Rode, Manager In-House Applications, Germany

Previous comments

OneNote and Evernote: “I use these both equally because I work between Windows and Mac (for work 9-5 where as a Microsoft consultant I need to be using these) and OneNote Pro (for my outside life because I use Apple products on my iMac.) To be fair OneNote 2019 is a far superior product to Evernote so there will come a time to bite the bullet and go over to Windows and Microsoft on my Macs too. For the purposes of this survey, just say OneNote 2019 (not the generic OneNote that comes with O365 subscriptions because this is the lite version of the Enterprise OneNote 2019 which is a learning system unto itself).” Helen Blunden, Community Manager, Australia, 2020

“At work, I have created a shared Notebook with my team where we keep all of our relevant meeting notes and the like. Everyone can make changes/revisions to the Note pages and you can see who made what note. At home, I use it for all of my note taking. I like being able to create separate notebooks or separate sections in a single notebook by topic. I can export to Word , integrate in an email in Outlook etc with very little effort.” Susan Manos, Global Learning & Development Director, USA, 2020

“Using to organize what I am learning and/or need to learn.” Alexildo Vaz, Knowledge Management Analyst, Brazil, 2020

“Use at home and work for note taking, reference links , reminders. Good search feature” Business Systems Analyst, UK, 2020

“For sharing meeting notes and allows collaboration inside the notes. Teams does this but our company has limited our Teams capabilities.” Ramon Castillo, Instructional Designer, USA, 2020

Quick Guide to OneNote 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use OneNote for teaching, training, learning and development.

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