50 – OneDrive

UP 54 places. Big jump up this year, as the Microsoft ecosystem becomes popular.

Store any file on your OneDrive, and it’s automatically available from your phone and computers — no syncing or cables needed.

Website: onedrive.com
Cost: Commercial. Part of Office365 subscription
Availability: Online

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2018: 47
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2018: 32
Top 100 Tools for Education 2018: 27

Past Overall Rankings
2017: 104    2016: 103    2015: –   2014: –   2013: 43   2012: 98   2011: –   2010: –   2009: –   2008: –   2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected OneDrive as one of their Top 10 Tools

“Great stuff. Or Dropbox or Google drive. Whatever makes you happy. We go with onedrive because all teachers and students have Office 365” Stefan Van De Velde, Online learning facilitator, Belgium

“I now use it as my ‘standard platform’, although I also use e.g. Dropbox and iCloud for some purposes It allows me to get access to all my products from everywhere: All I need is an Internet-connection.” Ulrik Gerdes, University/College teacher, Denmark

“store documents to share with others”  Zifang Su 2013

“Windows catches up with Google – web apps for Word, PowerPoint and Excel too” 2013