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UP 48 PLACES IN 2022

Watch Netflix movies and TV shows online or stream right to your smart TV, game console, PC, Mac, mobile, tablet and more.

Website: netflix.com
Cost: Premium
Availability: Online

Ranking in the previous surveys: 

2021: 101 2020: 71 2019: – 2018: – 2017: – 2016: – 2015: – 2014: –
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Comments on Netflix in 2022

“Who doesn’t like to relax a bit and watch series or movies on the evening. Easy to use, full of diversity content, with low payment and new content every now and then.” Event Coordinator, Denmark

Previous comments on Netflix 

“I’ve been viewing a lot more online content by way of documentaries across these specific 4 channels. Kanopy is free and aligned with library subscriptions. Lots of documentaries and foreign films and shows to learn French. For the purposes of the survey, I guess you can say Netflix although for me it’s more SBS On Demand and ABC iView which are more for international programs and more educational content but a global audience may not be aware of what they are.” Helen Blunden, Community Manager, Australia, 2020

“While there is a lot of entertainment non learning there are also some useful documentaries and learning opportunities such as the explained series” L&D, UK, 2020

“Netflix documentaries and series helped me gain new perspectives” Nira, Learning Consultant, Brazil, 2020

“Many videos to motivate students” Phitsanulok, Thailand, 2020

Quick Guide to Netflix

Here you will find basic guidance and links on how to use Netflix for teaching, training, learning and development.

Netflix has been an important resource during lockdown – to view boxed sets, films and documentaries.

Here for instance are the 16 best documentaries on Netflix in 2020 according to MakeUseOf (12 August 2020)

But your use of Netflix can be enhanced even further, for instance for language learning using a Chrome extension.

Netflix has a part to play in the classroom.

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