51 – LinkedIn Learning

DOWN 29 places in 2021

LinkedIn Learning makes use of the software, business and creative courses originally created for Lynda.

Websites: linkedin.com/learning
Cost: Commercial. Free Trial
Availability: Online

Ranking on the 2021 sub-lists

Top 150 Tools for
Personal Learning: 29
Top 150 Tools for
Workplace Learning: 45
Top 150 Tools for

Overall rankings in the previous 14 surveys: 2007-2020

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Comments on LinkedIn Learning in 2021

“I and my students have access to this and it provides such a broad range of learning material.” Mark Allenby Senior Lecturer in Social Care, UK

“The place to learn new skills very fast. Hope everyone can have easy access to this tool.” JP, E-Learning Specialist, Suriname

“Don’t use LinkedIn social networking very often, but use LinkedIn Learning work-provided account to learn continuously as a default (even though I also have other accounts from Coursera, Udemy, Pluralsight, Masterclass, etc… )” Heather Schnyder, Director or Project Success, USA

Previous comments

“Every day is a learning day and so many things to learn” Steve, Teacher, Australia, 2020

“A great platform of a collection of learning courses.” Ana María Rodríguez Hinestroza, Learning strategist, Colombia, 2020

“Mix of courses at all levels” L&D, UK, 2020

“pre-written learning paths; I can decide on my knowledge level if the course is helpful” Managing Partner, Germany, 2020

“The college’s sitewide license for lynda.com shifted to LinkedIn and I have both used complete courses and single lessons covering the one thing I needed to know right away for software as well as other skills.” Audrey J Williams, Vice President, IT/CIO, USA, 2020

Quick Guide to LinkedIn Learning

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use LinkedIn Learning for teaching, training, learning and development.

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