5 – LinkedIn

Same position as in 2018.

LinkedIn is a networking service, for connecting with others professionally as well as for finding jobs. Its range of groups is also considered valuable.

Website: linkedin.com
Cost: Free and premium versions
Availability: Online

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 4
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 15
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 4.     2017: 7      2016: 8       2015: 14     2014: 10    2013: 12
2012: 23    2011: 21    2010: 30     2009: 38     2008: 30    2007: 31

Comments from those who selected LinkedIn as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“Over the years, LinkedIn has become a preferred place for professionals to publish articles and converse. The feed is as good as your connections. I dip in here to learn and engage.” Connie Malamed, learning experience design consultant, USA http://theelearningcoach.com/reviews/top-ten-tools-in-my-ple/ 

“a place where I hang with my colleagues, ask questions, and see what dialogs are going on.” Clark Quinn, USA https://blog.learnlets.com/2019/08/top-10-learning-tools-for-2019/ 

“I have enjoyed cross posting my blog posts to LinkedIn and found a different type of audience. I have also noticed that people find it easier to comment on Linkedin posts rather than on blog posts and that creates an opportunity for conversations that are more meaningful.” Taruna Goel, Canada https://tarunagoel.blogspot.com/2019/09/my-top-10-learning-tools-2019.html 

“for updating myself on the latest trends ” Wilma Hartenfels, Digital Learning Expert, Germany, https://www.linkedin.com/posts/wilmahartenfels-inspiredlearninginadigitalworld_janes-top-10-tools-for-learning-2019-activity-6570580971278610433-IU3p

“Still my go-to for industry-relevant news, ideas, and connection” Manager of Product Development, USA

“This is my number #1 route for keeping up to date with what is going on in industry and sharing knowledge with students.” Lecturer, UK

“Linkedin is good because I can learn a lot with my connections and also learn by contributing and participating in discussions about some topics. Besides that, it enables serendipity since what I receive on my feed isn`t under my control.” Knowledge Management Specialist, Brazil

“LinkedIn allows me to curate learning by following thought leaders and businesses I am interested in learning more about. I can also participate in discussions with professionals all around the world.” Senior Organisational Development Consultant, New Zealand

“Quick feed of relevant industry news and also helps me to keep track of what some of my influencers are reading and thinking.” head of Learning, Australia

“Connecting to my professional learning network. Accessing articles and learning. Following companies and individuals of interest.” CEO, Australia

“Building contacts to connect with for different purposes.” Workforce Development Lead, UK

“You can nearly find anyone in the world with this tool. Amazing reach.” Account Manager, Netherlands

“I get more value via LinkedIn nowadays as compared to other social networks when it comes to content sharing and open discussion” CLO, USA

“Its current, updating constantly and a variety of professionals are contribution so I get a global feel to what’s happening in the industry, access from any device when ever I need” Senior HR Advisor, Australia

“Connecting with interesting people all over the world to meet in person or via digital. Learning from and with each other. Sharing out loud what I / we learn and work.” Facilitator of Peer Learning Programs, France

“Increasingly better for general work-related interaction and PD. Much less focus on job hunting makes this a better learning platform. Group options now better and hashtags help filter more relevant content.” Learning Content Developer, Spain

“A huge connectivity with large number of professionals around the globe. Have groups on many interesting topics.” Lecturer, Malaysia

“great to be able to access the LinkedIn website on my mobile so I can read articles on the go” Digital Trainer, UK

“My go to professional network which I encourage my students to also use. Plus we have an alumni network.” Principal Lecturer, UK

“Great resource for finding experts and professional learning network” Group Head of Learning, UK

“everything i want to know or tell others is in there. My network provides all knowledge needed” Faculty, Israel

“LinkedIn itself has become a wealth of helpful content to develop professionally.” Principal Consultant, USA

“For latest opinions of thought leaders” Trainer, India

“I do maintain a profile on LinkedIn to stay connected to professionals I am or have worked with. I’m conflicted about using this tool to connect with people I don’t know personally though. I like that I can keep up with people moves and I do occasionally scroll through the news feed. I would check in once a week, on average.” Head of Risk Skills, Australia

“LinkedIn Groups: Useful for special interest subjects” Knowledge Management Specialist, Brazil

“For finding great quotes and useful material shared by the people I follow.” L&D Manager, UK

Previous comments

“LinkedIn is the primary way I keep up with the comings, goings and most relevant learning content in my industry. Before LinkedIn, I would have had to drink a lot of coffee to find out as much about who’s working on what and where in the time that it takes me to scroll down my feed.” Taryl Law, 2018

“I am leaning more and more into LinkedIn for professional discussion. I have also started to cross-post content between my LearnGeek blog and LinkedIn for added exposure.” JD Dillon, 2018

“Argh, LinkedIn is so hard to use as a learning tool, which I have stated before. Meanwhile, almost daily I see something interesting plus I reach my largest audience through my own posts here, opening up for interesting conversations.” Patrik Bergman, 2018

“I have found myself using LinkedIn more than ever before. With access to more video-based and curated posts rather than ‘reshares’, I find myself drawn to my LinkedIn feed every morning. I am especially enjoying getting to know people as they are and not just as a ‘list of skills and recommendations’. This year, I also used LinkedIn Articles to cross post my blogs and found a different type of audience.” Taruna Goel, 2018

“is another tool I use to see what’s happening (and occasionally engage in). I have a group for the Revolution, which largely is me posting things but I do try to stir up conversations.  I also see and occasionally comment on posting by others.” Clark Quinn, USA

“Of course, LinkedIn is still the #1 tool for professional networking.  But the changes to its news feed UI has opened it up to become a great center for professional discussions.  The purchase of Lynda.com and its transformation to LinkedIn Learning has been powerful. The integration of Slideshare is ok, but could use some work” Dave Lee, USA

“This tool continues to help and support professional networking and I use it as a platform to share my views through articles and posts. This year, I also used LinkedIn to sign up for courses through LinkedIn Learning and I have been more active in LinkedIn Groups to hear from people within and outside the learning industry.” Taruna Goel, Canada

“connecting, sharing, learning, professional reputation, blogging.” David Schindler, UK

“A great source of work-related reading. Yes, really!” Donald Taylor, UK

“Great tool for learning about industries as well as finding useful and relevant articles.” Emily Madden

“Updates, posts from people I´m following, saved topics that I´m following by using the URL. It shows many options to explore under that topic Slideshare, posts” Miguel Canas, Spain

“this gives me a great read of what is happening professionally. However, I have noticed that I tend to use this less and Facebook more” Anon, Australia

“For connecting with interesting professionals and information about specific domains in the groups.” Lars Hegemann, L&D Manager, Belgium

“I go through phases in how I make best use of LI. Currently, it’s a source of thought-leadership for an online course I’m creating. Contributing and learning from groups has been prominent in the past. Networking for business, personal and professional development. I’ve been headhunted for work here in the last year. A place to showcase latest website blogs and LI long-form pieces. Daily use.” David Schindler, Job, Career & Employability Coach, UK

“for contributing and sharing in the L&D community” Vanessa North, L&D Manager, Australia

“read blogs and engage in group discussions” Sharon Wingron, Consultant, USA

“learning via groups and 1-2-1 communication. A source for news and useful links.” Ian Gardner, L&D Manager, UK

“definitely the greatest source of learning for me. I engage in discussions with peers in private as well as public groups. I read blogs and articles from clever people and get a feeling for new trends and movements. ” L&D Manager, UK

“Community of Experts” L&D Manager, Germany

“Professional Network, updates on work, thoughts and what People think” Thomas Jenewein, Germany

“My tool for discovering people who share common interests and a platform for me to highlight my skills and expertise” Taruna Goel, L&D Manager, Canada

“Gone are the days of trying to keep track of people in Microsoft Outlook or some other contacts list. LinkedIn does that job well. But LinkedIn is much more than just an online contacts list. It provides a stream of updates from people I know and groups I’ve joined. LinkedIn allows for deep discussions with other professionals – always a great learning opportunity. I’m a member of far too many LinkedIn groups. The Harvard Business Review group discussions alone could probably occupy all of my time.” Charles Jennings, 2015

“I’m connected to some very smart people who are very active on LinkedIn and post some very timely articles which help me stay current on trends and debates within the L&D community. I’m not as impressed with most LinkedIn groups, which I’ve found to be more populated by vendors than actual discussion. I did, however, recently work through my network and LinkedIn to land a gig as a part-time instructor for a new University of Washington certificate program in Workplace Learning & Professional Development, which further proves LinkedIn’s value for me.” Brian Washburn, 2015

“I spend a lot of time thinking negative thoughts about LinkedIn, but the fact remains that I come across useful and thoughtful posts and links there on a regular basis.” Ben Carmel, 2015

“I share thoughts there and track a few of the groups (not as thoroughly as I wish, of course).” Clark Quinn, 2015
“Linked In for connecting & now for sharing too.” Kandy Woodfield, 2015
“great for learning about companies, industries and most importantly about key individuals” 2015

“newsthreads & to have access to professionals who aren’t on Twitter, build my PLN” Helen Blunden, 2015

“I use it to connect with people I want to learn from. It informs me about new events, links to interesting reads and sometimes I participate in discussions. I prefer responding and posting my own questions.” Ellen Schuurink, 2015

“Really good for professional connections and keeping up with what others are doing career wise, great tool when job searching (to connect with recruiters, promote your skills / experience etc), discuss & comment on posts that are professionally relevant. Prior to using twitter I used to be involved much more heavily in the discussion groups in LinkedIn. Now I spread my time much more across different activiites and learning communities I’m involved in leading. However still find interesting discussions in LinkedIn groups. Also as it’s more ‘contained’ than my twitter network sometimes find it easier to see/find links to posts and comment on them. comments and conversations can sometimes be a bit more visible on a professional level because my LinkedIn network is smaller and more restricted to people I know professionally (compared with twitter, which is where I tend to get more new ideas from and am connected to a larger and more diverse network).” Tanya Lau 2014

“LinkedIn has been around for quite awhile and is often thought of as a networking tool for job seekers. But I also think of it as a social tool that enables discussions for people with common interests. The LinkedIn communities of practice are some of the best places to meet your peers and learn from the group conversations. If you haven’t yet joined any of these groups, access them through the LinkedIn Interests menu and select Groups. Then search for groups of interest by keyword.” Connie Malamed, 2014

“started using publisher for blogs, sharing content, contributing to groups, connections for business development and marketing” David Schindler, 2014
“still get value from groups” Mike Collins, 2014

“Linkedin Groups for asking questions – sometimes the timeline for infos”  Thomas Jenewein 2013
“Social medium for professionals”  Brij Bhushan Huria 2013
“the different groups I am a member of have been invaluabe to my learning”  Zifang Su 2013
“to connect with other learning professionals”  Mathew Guyan 2013
“I use this professionally but also teach sessions on using LinkedIn as part of my sessions on employability and creative CVs” Jayne Whistance 2013
“professional online CV”  Helen Blunden 2013
“helps maintain network, despite the increasing ‘noise'”  Charles Jennings 2013
“business contact and learning”  Paul Jacobs 2013
“This tool is invaluable to networking, especially for thought leadership and group discussion, getting ideas from outside of your company” Michelle Parry-Slater 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“Linkedin is the first social networking tool I have found that is useful and relevant and not intrusive.”  Brian Mulligan

“is my professional social networking platform. I didn’t use it much until it added some features like groups and other applications a short time ago. Now, I find myself using it more to ask and answer questions and to seek out expertise in particular subject matter areas.” Janet Clarey

“LinkedIn is my favorite tool to keep in touch with, or at least keep tabs on, other professionals.”  John Schaffer

“I find this social networking tool invaluable. Keeping in touch with people is a vital part of my life. LinkedIn helps me keep track of my professional contacts, and extend them.”  Don Taylor

“I use LinkedIn for building my professional network.”  Sathish Narayanan