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Lectora provides e-learning authoring tools for creating and delivering interactive multimedia content.

Website www.lectora.com Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2017  –
Cost Commercial. Free Trial Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2017  57
Availability Download Top 100 Tools for Education 2017  –
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Comments from some of those who selected Lectora as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2017

“Professional tool set, reliable, plays well with many LMSs.” Matt Lang, USA

Previous comments

“OK authoring tool though a bit dated” Alexander Roche, Educational Technologist, USA, 2016

“Where I author all of my eLearning content.” Simon Phips, Trainer/Instructor, UK, 2016

“A bit cumbersome to use. Not visually friendly and can be a bit overwhelming. But does a great job” Trina MacKay, 2015

“Powerful and yet easy to use to create engaging e-learning courses.” 2015

“for work -due to the nature of our organnisational environment (very diverse combination of corporate and, largely operational / field based employees in the public transport sector – train drivers, bus drivers, road designers, customer service etc etc) the environment for elearning combines PCs with IE8 and ipads. When developing self paced elearning we have had to use Lectora as it creates html(4) which outputs to both IE8 and iPads.” Tanya Lau, 2014

“for easy HTML authoring,” Sergey Snegirev, 2014

“for formal elearning content”  Patti Shank”

“one of the nicer programs to create a web-based course, I have used it to create various CBT courses, quickly and with polish.”  Bill Jackson

“Excellent authoring tool for developing elearning materials using all available file types”  Bruce Richards