Techsmith’s Jing is a free screencasting program that lets you capture anything you see on your computer screen, as an image or short video, and share it instantly.

Website: techsmith.com/jing.html
Cost: Free and Premium versions
Availability: Download

Past Overall Rankings
2018: –     2017: 139   2016:109     2015: 57    2014: 54    2013: 27
2012: 26   2011: 18     2010: 17     2009: 20     2008: 26    2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Jing as one of their Top 10 Tools

“Great capture tool that is FREE and works for snap shots, short videos and audio. Can’t get any better than this!” Marquita Poinsettia, Trainer/Instructor, USA, 2016

“Some screen capture tools have so many bells and whistles that they are difficult to use. Jing is easy to learn and easy to use.” Amy Rossetti, University/College teacher, USA, 2016

“I use Jing to create short instructional videos, and then store them online at Screencast.com” 2015

“great little screencast tool” Mike Collins, 2014

“makes making screencasts and sharing them as easy as can be” Herman Post

“I use the video capture relentlessly to teach my students how to handle web tools and show our IT dept the problems I am having!” Jane Challinor”

“Capture video from your screen or take quick snapshots. Use this free utility to create instructional videos (less than minutes). TechSmith will even store these flash files on their server. A REAL winner.”  Leigh Zeitz

“Free tool for creating screencasts. I’ve used it to create tutorials that are then saved on Screencast.com. It’s very easy to use”  Heather Ross

“This is an elegant solution to online publishing of visuals and videos.”  Patrick Mayfield

“One of the best tools for quick screen grabs. I love how it automatically ftps the file to a web server and places the link on my clipboard to share.”  Robert Chapman