142 – Apple iTunes (and iTunesU)

UP 14 places. 

iTunes is a digital media player. iTunesU is a section of Apple’s iTunes Music Store that features free educational audio and video from universities and other organizations to download.

Websites:  apple.com/itunes/ and apple.com/education/itunes-u/
Player free. Content free and pay-for
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2017: 156    2016: 63   2015: 75   2014: 63   2013: 61   2012: 47   2011: 66   2010: 51   2009: 41   2008: 28   2007: 26

Comments from some of those who selected iTunes or iTunesU as one of their Top 10 Tools

“personal development while on the move” Helen Blunden, Consultant, Australia, 2016

“Some great university lectures to watch.” Simon Phips, Trainer/Instructor, UK, 2016

“Brilliant collection of courses. There’s a whole series of inspiring lesson ideas for educators that I’m working my way through.” 2015

“Learning designers are often addicted to learning and what better way to fulfill your obsession than to listen to podcasts while exercising, driving and doing household chores? I download podcasts through iTunes, but Stitcher may have a better interface–I haven’t tried that yet. I listen to podcasts on brain science, design, business, writing, spirituality, technology, pop-culture, TED talks and stories from This American Life. Story podcasts are great for road trips.” Connie Malamed, 2014

Pre-2013 comments

“educational podcasts: I found a series of Spanish podcasts that have transformed my learning of the language, convincing me there has to be more value in this medium than I currently exploit more with my own students” Jane Challinor

“Free audio and video podcasts on virtually any topic. Enough learning for a lifetime.” Jerome Martin

“perfect for organising my increasing library of music. It’s also a great source for various downloads” Rebecca Jones

“Podcasts through iTunes have become a rich source of personal education for me. ” Patrick Mayfield

“easy to use, tons of stuff to download and learn from – books, podcasts, video” Janice Petosky

“iTunes, in combination with my iPod, is the source for a lot of the content I listen to and view to when traveling.” Jeff Cobb

“for me podcasts are the perfect way to learn on the move – on the Tube, waiting for planes, driving – and iTunes is easily the best way of finding and organising them. Favourite broadcasters are the BBC’s Melvyn Bragg and Peter Day, but I’ve recently got into poetry, general business, language and general science broadcasts, too” Don Taylor