40 – iSpring

Up 16 places this year to its normal position in the chart

iSpring Solutions offers a range of authoring software tools that work with PowerPoint to create e-learning courses and video lectures.

Website: ispringsolutions.com
Cost: Commercial. Free Trial
Availability: Download

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 28
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 32

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 56    2017: 48    2016: 44    2015: 41    2014: 37    2013: 46
2012: –       2011: –      2010: –       2009: –      2008: –       2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected iSpring as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“It’s a versatile course authoring tool in the market. Within minutes you can author a captivating course and host in your LMS” Skills Developer, Sri Lanka

“I build learning for the workplace but I teach graduate students how to teach. To build a quality digital asset, it takes time. I have not yet had enough time to build modules for my teaching class. But Captive has affordances to engage the learner.” Assistant Professor, USA

“Very complete and easy-to-use author tool to elaborate my online lessons of my courses and face-to-face presentations to my students.” Producer of elearning teaching content, Spain

“iSpring Suite’s ease of use and producing high quality output together make it the most ideal tool for creating modern format e-learning content. Integrated with an already well familiar PowerPoint environment, it makes creating even complicated courses very easy within a short span of time.”

“Easy way to create eLearning content.” Developer, USA

“Very easy to use, integrates with PowerPoint, lots of quiz question types” Instructional Designer, USA

“iSpring helps enhance PowerPoint presentations and makes quizzes much more interesting” Skills Training Coordinator, USA

“Easy to use and fast deployment for any LMS system. Has Scorm capable software. Great editing tool also for sound and video.” Trainer, USA

“iSpring is a great tool for creating scorn packages to be embedded in any LMS.” Course Creator, USA

Previous comments

“A good tool for building SCORM packages from PPT course content. This could be an excellent tool in about 10 years” Matt Lang, USA

“for creating “web-enabled” powerpoints with voice” Anon, Netherlands

“7 Reasons: Converts interactive PPTs to standalone SWF-files, keeping all multimedia and interactive features; Easy to use, fast and efficient as to time of conversion and size (compresses up to 10 times the PPTs with their linked audios & videos; embeds the PPTs and linked audios/videos in only 1 file, thus avoiding the issues with playing PPTs audios/videos when transferred to another computer for playing. Design and development of attractive multimedia Quizzes with (Free)QuizMaker; opportunity to embed the designed quizzes in PPTs or to run them standalone; opportunity to save iSpring flash-files and quizzes as a SCORM compliant files and to embed them in e-Learning platforms” Pencho Mihnev, University/College teacher, Bulgaria, 2016

“Free 8 Very useful for education. Simply converts Power Point to html5 Excellent.” B Spitters, Primary/Secondary (K12) teacher, Netherlands, 2016

“Design #mobile-ready #e-Learning #courses and enhance them with smart #quizzes, #audio and #video narrations, characters and #interactions.” Eric Wang, e-learning developer, Taiwan, 2016

“because content developers are comfortable developing in PPT and this tool is a nice “add-on” to PPT”L&D Manager, UK, 2016

“iSpring is a great value for the money. I like that my students can easily find what they are looking for in a presentation and that if they close it or log out of the LMS, when they return they can continue from where they were.” Amy Rossetti, University/College teacher, USA, 2016

“Works directly from PowerPoint, completely HTML5 compatible and repsonsive allows SCORM output for grading within an LMS. It’s fast, much faster than tools like Articulate Storyline and more reliable.” Christian King, e-learning developer, Australia, 2016

Previous comments

“allows me to produce high quality slides and publish them” Washington Braga, 2015
“simple and easy creating elearning” Gemma Lesterhuid, 2015

“iSpring Presenter because it’s easy to use with legacy material and has a great quiz tool” Marie Desjardin, 2015

“Simple to use, reliable, and intuitive to the students” John L Lee, 2015

“iSpring Pro Used to create Flash animations from PowerPoint slides for sales skills course.” Linda Willis, 2014

“ispring suite 6: I use it to provide free online training and exams to pediatric residents in India” Dr Tushar Maniar, 2014

“fantastic tool for turning Powerpoints into flash graphics – great for recapping lessons and presenting overviews!” John Wishart, 2014

“Definitely a must because you can make a video, a quiz , practically anything in ppt and then iSpring makes it accessible online quickly.” Olga Vareli, 2014

“Suite supports nearly all powerpoint features” 2013

“Pro produce outputs which supports pc and ipad” 2013

“for lectures and presentations”  Cameron Bentley, 2013
“Suite – Powerful tool, impeccable support. Amazingly simple to use. Has security to minimize piracy”  Jeff Nelson, 2013
“iSpring Suite – a simple elearning tool that maintains the functionality of MS ppt in particular trigger points and animations. This allows for interactive elearning without the need to use software that requires programming”  Alice Denham, 2013
“the best tool for Educational quizzes and lessons”  Brij Bhushan Huria, 2013
“iSpring Pro – it was the first to convert PowerPoint triggers to flash”  Regina Ward, 2013
“love this as a quick way to produce quality resources – now testing new beta which produces HTML5”  Colin Mansell, 2013