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Inoreader is a content reader built especially for power users who want to save time. Inoreader is not just another RSS reader – it’s a vibrant community of content curators.

Website: inoreader.com
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Comments on Inoreader

“makes me read at least the head lines of the feeds of my interests” Information specialist, Germany, 2022

“When Google stopped the provision of Google Reader, I experimented with several alternative RSS readers. Soon, Inoreader became my new gateway to a large amount of weblogs. Six years ago I added some Twitter-lists to this feed reader. I use Inoreader of my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It is easy to organise and share items or save items. Therefore Inoreader is crucial for curating information. However, curating is only a first step in learning. You need process the information, if you really want to learn (e.g. understand, apply and create).” Wilfred Rubens, Netherlands, 2021

“I continue to use Inoreader as a blog aggregator for my doctoral class, where all students have their own personal blogs.  Inoreader can be embedded in the Canvas module so that students have a single place to visit to find fellow students’ posts.” Britt Watwood, Academic, Canada, 2021

“Rather than trying to remember to visit every website that might have information that is relevant to me, I use RSS (real simple syndication) to subscribe to various feeds, so all the information comes into one place. Inoreader is an RSS aggregator (meaning it “collects” all the things I want to subscribe to and keeps track of what I have read and what remains unread). To read my RSS feeds, I prefer to use Unread. When reading RSS feeds using the Unread app on my iPad, I can browse articles and mark things as read using only my thumb.” Bonni Stachowiak, HE educator, USA, 2021

“It provides all the functionalities I need as a feeds aggregator and allows others as sharing collections.” Mercè Gamell, Freelancer teacher and project manager, Spain, 2021

“Innovative RSS aggregator par excellente. And they keep getting better all the time. It is a personal learning platform pure and simple. The Pro Version is worth every penny.” Terry Elliott, Instructor/Faculty Development, USA, 2020

“The best RSS reader in my opinion. I get info from blogs, newspapers, user Twitters…” L&D Practitioner, Spain, 2019

Quick Guide to Inoreader 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Inoreader for teaching, training, learning and development.

Inoreader is a tool to subscribe to, organise and read blog posts or articles that appear in an RSS feed. It is therefore a good way to keep abreast of new blog posts or magazine articles without spending time checking out the individual sites themselves.  Here is a video that explains what it does

Subscribing to too many sites however, can result in information overload, so here are some tips to keep on top of Inoreader.

  • If you feel you are being inundated with too much information in your blog feeds, then unsubscribe from some of the less valuable ones.
  • Are you trying to read every word in your feeds? Don’t! Scan and Skim. Scan the headlines of the posts and only if they look interesting, expand the post and skim the extract.
  • If the extract looks interesting, only then click through to the original post on the site. Scan and skim again to decide whether to read it in full.
  • If there is just too much to read, then simply Mark All As Read or just delete them all. Don’t be afraid to do this. If there is something important there it will come back to you from another source. Good stuff will be re-posted and/or tweeted about; the good stuff rises to the top. But it is more important for you to feel in control of your reading, not be overwhelmed by it.

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