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DOWN 21 places in 2020

Inoreader is a content reader built especially for power users who want to save time. Inoreader is not just another RSS reader – it’s a vibrant community of content curators.

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Comments from some of those who selected Inoreader as one of their top tools

“When Google stopped the provision of Google Reader, I experimented with several alternative RSS readers. Soon, Inoreader became my new gateway to a large amount of weblogs. Five years ago I added some Twitter-lists to this feed reader. I use Inoreader of my iPhone, iPad and MacBook. It is easy to organise and share items or save items in Pocket. Therefore Inoreader is crucial for curating information. However, curating is only a first step in learning. You need process the information, if you really want to learn (e.g. understand, apply and create).” Wilfred Rubens, Netherlands, 2020

“Innovative RSS aggregator par excellente. And they keep getting better all the time. It is a personal learning platform pure and simple. The Pro Version is worth every penny.” Terry Elliott, Instructor/Faculty Development, USA, 2020

  • “The best RSS reader in my opinion. I get info from blogs, newspapers, user Twitters…” L&D Practitioner, Spain, 2019

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Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Inoreader for teaching, training, learning and development.

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