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Harvest is so much more than just a simple time tracking software. We help you take the pulse of your business and achieve your goals.

Website: getharvest.com
Cost:  Free and paid plans
Availability: Hosted

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Comments on Harvest in 2021

“We work on a lot of different types of projects. In any given week we may be consultants, facilitators, designers, or developers. I’ve always been pretty good at estimating projects, but after a while you really start to wonder about how profitable your projects are. I knew we had a winner when everyone started recording their time. We weren’t struggling because people were unable to do it. We had just made it hard to do using inferior products. Harvest is the third tools we’ve used to track time and the first that made it easy to integrate with Slack (hint: each slack channel can automatically create a project).” Tim Waxenfelter, USA

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