78 – Grammarly

Down 16 places this year

Grammarly lets you check for 250 types of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes – as well as for plagiarism

Website: grammarly.com
Cost: Free.
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Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 47
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Comments from some of those who selected Grammarly as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“the writing choice. More and more we are working on projects and such in English. And although we speak the language quite well, it is important – in our case – to write as flawlessly as possible. Then it is useful to have a good and correct spelling and grammar tool. Since we have made considerable progress in that regard. The tool was already a major asset for free, but the paying version is well worth the money!” Matt Vermeulen, Belgium https://www.winstonwolfe.be/tools-for-learning-2019-onze-selectie/

“Helps me to write clearly and as error-free as possible, plus it works on all of my devices.” Instructor, USA

“To practise my English grammar skills” Consultant, Netherlands

Previous comments

“the writing choice. Admittedly, we blog a bit less than before, on the one hand from a lack of time and on the other hand because the inspiration sometimes leaves us alone. But we ourselves are still writing and even more and more in … English. And then it is useful to have a good and correct spelling and grammar tool. Our knowledge level of English was quite ok, but since Grammarly we have improved a lot. The tool was already a big trump for free, but the paying version is more than worth its money!” Mathias Vermeulen, 2018

“Another quirky choice, but I have to say this in-the-line-of-work tool has improved my writing over the year that I have been using it.  It’s constant monitoring of everything I type, in just about any environment I’m working, helps assure that my writing is accurate. Because it’s not “autocorrect”,  I’ve found that errors that I had consistently made in the past are things of the past as Grammarly’s gentle coaching has changed my writing behavior.  Grammarly also sends you weekly email reports about your writing and the errors you have made.” Dave Lee, USA

“I  never submit something without running it through Grammarly Premium first. Really the best editing tool out there.” Anon, USA

“A very easy tool to advance your written English.” Nick van Breda, Netherlands

“Trains students to write better. What Microsoft Word should have done years ago.” Christian King, e-learning developer, Australia, 2016

“at the end of the day, whatever we do online still needs to be written. I like how Grammarly can easily be integrated into Chrome, Word, Outlook, etc.” Chris Wildermuth, University/College teacher, UK, 2016