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Google Translate is a free online service for instantly translating text and web pages.

Website: google.com/translate
Cost: Free.
Availability: Online

Rankings in the previous surveys: 

2021: 47 2020: 32 2019: 45 2018: 97 2017: 137 2016: 93 2015: 54 2014: 64
2013: 77 2012: 57 2011: – 2010: – 2009: – 2008: – 2007: –

Comments on Google Translate

“to improve my vocabulary” Caroline, teacher, Malaysia, 2021

“I find this tool invaluable when communicating with colleagues across the globe.” David Simpson, retired Professor, USA

“Easy to use and way to communicate with parents who do not speak or read English.” K12 teacher, USA, 2021

“As an immigrant, I need some performance support on my language every now and then. I love the options of using a camera, handwriting or voice.” Project Manager, USA, 2020

“There are times I need to communicate with someone who speaks another language and an interpreter is not available. While not perfect, google translate allows me to communicate with others when it was not previously possible.” Teacher, 2020

Quick Guide to Google Translate

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Google Translate for teaching, training, learning and development.

Google Translate is the place to translate  text and web pages into different languages. Although the translation won’t be perfect, it will be good enough to understand the general meaning. It is certainly a key site to enable learning from resources that are not in your mother tongue.

At the website

  • You set the language you would like to translate From (or Detect Language) and To
  • You type in or paste in your text in the From box or alternatively, you can speak the word, by clicking on the microphone in the From box
  • You view the translation or hear the translation in the To box
  • You can enter the phase into your Phrasebook, by clicking the star icon.
  • You can view sample usage of the words in both the To and From boxes

Further resources

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