131 – Google Sites

Drops down a further 33 places in 2019

Google Sites lets you create simple, secure group websites. Share information with a few people, a whole organization, or the entire world.

Website: sites.google.com
Availability: Online

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 57

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 98.   2017: 74     2016: 96     2015: 68     2014: 75      2013: 93
2012: 33    2011: 43     2010: 29     2009: 71     2008: 59      2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Google Sites as one of their Top 10 Tools

  • “Very easy to create a free website, particularly for light, internal audiences to collate materials around a given subject.:” Anon, UK
  • “This is an excellent eportfolio solution. It is also useful for creating workbooks” Anon, New Zealand
  • “I have moved my classes out of our LMS onto this open platform. Its been a much better experience for us all.” 2015
  • “provides the ability to create & publish accessible content”  Shannon Bosley 2013
  • “an easy way to get a web/wiki site up and running” Stephanie Horden
  • “This wiki based service provides the capacity to develop online-learning communities in ways that I feel surpass any of the efforts that many have been making to put the power of community/collaboration in peoples hands.  (ex. Microsoft has likely spent a great deal of time and money to enable the Innovative Teacher Network… yet it falls far short of the quality or potential of Google Sites.)”  Mark Arnold

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