2 – Google Search

Back up to No 2 position in 2019 

This powerful web search engine is often described as the only e-learning tool you’ll ever need!

Website: google.com
Cost: Free
Availability: Online

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 2
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 2
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 6

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 3.     2017: 2       2016: 2      2015: 3      2014: 5     2013: 4
2012: 4.     2011: 15     2010: 11     2009: 8     2008: 6     2007: 3

Comments from some of those who selected Google Search as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“It’s the first and only site that I go to so many times in the day – for everything.” Senior Adoption Consultant, Australia

“My personal assistant, have answer for all my questions. It thinks for me.” Lecturer, Malaysia

“No day without Google Search” CEO, Netherlands

“Anything I want to learn, Google can help me find out.” Senior Organisational Development Consultant, New Zealand

“Instant search for just-in-time learning and performance support. Ability to filter search by maps, images, video.” Group Head of Learning, UK

“Use it everyday to locate information I need for training, home and work.” Instructional Designer, USA

“Google is easy to search and find the information we need.” Skills Training Coordinator, USA

“always and everyday an indispensable medium in learning” Digital Learning Expert, Netherlands

“Great way to search for anything! Generally you get the information based on your search request.” L&D Manager, UK

“This is the most popular search tool for me for my projects” University Lecturer, Russia

“With good search strategies I find lot of good content.” Learning Consultant, Germany

“Still a staple for searching, it gets me there fast.” Head of Learning Australia

“Enormous help when researching a subject.: Manager Professional Development, Australia

“The absolute best search tool.” Training Specialist, USA

“I can search when I have a question and follow embedded links to dig deeper into related topics” IT Director, USA

“Simply the best, and most user-friendly” Semi-retired, France

“Absolutely the best tool for searching answers for anything the other tools can’t help with!” Digital Trainer, UK

Previous comments

“This tool has made it to my list for the last few years. If there is something I want to learn, Google Search is almost always my first tool of choice.” Taruna Goel, 2018

“This is just-in-time learning at its very core. Any answer I need – whether it’s how to do something specific in Microsoft Excel or it’s finding an answer to a question that’s led to considerable debate at the dinner table – Google puts the answer at our fingertips.” Brian Washburn, 2018

“All roads still begin with search, and Google remains my preference. Even if I know which website I am likely to visit, Google still tends to get me directly to the info faster.” JD Dillon, 2018

“I know, but it still works, and I google a lot!” Kasper Spiro, 2018

“Because every question starts with a search” Dan Roddy, L&D Manager, UK

“Similar to the benefit of YouTube, searching is very good. If you haven’t take Google’s “How to Search” short course. You’ll be amazed at how much you don’t know or the added capabilities that in Google Search engine!” Bob Schaefer, USA

“Searching for information, infographics, research, white papers, images, answers to pretty much anything.” Dan Hewitt, UK

“Definitely my go-to resource for everything: personal/professional learning as well as resources for those in my workplace. I find it to be the most useful tool assuming I know generally what I’m looking for, since it takes a bit of filtering but literally searches every corner of the internet. I consider myself a Google Search expert at this point.” Emily Madden

“I’ve never counted how many Google searches I average per day, but it’s a lot – at both home and work.” JD Dillon, USA

“this has almost become the “font of all knowledge” when researching, finding the right quotes to motivate and empower, examples to support content and images that will bring words to life” Anon, Australia

“Really a one stop shop.” Anon, Australia

“I love following things down the rabbit hole you need time and lots of critical thinking to find the gems” Anon, Australia

“My wife and I settle arguments on this. “LMGTFY- Let me Google that for you”  Anon, Australia

“Allows me to research anything I want, for work, enjoyment, knowledge growth, entertainment, curiosity” Anon, Australia

“The first place I go when I want to find something out.” Simon Phipps, Trainer/Instructor, UK

“As a user of Google Chrome, I enjoy the ability to type my search into the URL bar rather than having to the Google home page to search. In addition, I am intimately familiar with the “advanced search” option, which allows for me to bypass the algorithm used for a basic search and make my search more specific.” Bethany Langley, Instructional Technology Student, USA

“It helps me and my students find information on just about anything” Rose Ngacha, Primary/Secondary Teacher, USA

“Makes you remember that what it is really important is the question. The answer is in your hands (or in Google’s)” William Colmanares, College/University Teacher, Equatorial Guinea

“Including copyright image searches (this feature should not be as hidden as it is)” Clare Thomson, e-learning developer, Northern Ireland

“Without this, I would not have the best tool for researching and finding inspiration or sites that have building blocks so I don’t always have to reinvent the wheel on basic coding needs.” Kyle G Main, e-learning developer, USA

“instant answers to questions and ideas for further research” Vanessa North, L&D Manager, Australia

“search for information and resources related to personal and professional topics. This is often a starting point that leads to other resources. use this frequently for simply information access and learning such as definition of a word or what is this song as well.” Sharon Wingron, Consultant

“Here I learn about the topic that I’m searching for. Obviously brilliant and a tool that I use on a daily basis and don’t know how to live without it” L&D Manager, USA

“A mobile encyclopedia I carry around with me. Has answers for everything, and eliminates the need to ‘remember’ anything.” Srividya Kumar, Consultant, India

‘Professor’ Google is still the ‘person’ I call whenever I need a quick answer to a question or problem.” Charles Jennings, Consultant UK

“indispensable. Daily use.” David Schindler, Job, Career & Employability Coach, UK

“My window to the world. I ask and it provides.” Taruna Goel, L&D Manager, Canada

“Google is the second choice to find anything I want.” Helen Blunden, Consultant, Australia

“‘Professor Google’ is he is known in my house. Like the brains of many professors, the information you’re looking for is usually in there somewhere, but sometimes difficult to pin down. However, Google has provided a public searchable store of enormous magnitude – larger than anything seen before in humankind history – and is without doubt the most used learning tool by many, if not all, of us. We can barely imagine life without Google Search.” Charles Jennings, 2015

“Many times I’ll be searching my own sites. I really enjoy using Google to search images. They are very useful when I’m trying to get different perspectives on a concept. If I need to remember who someone in a photograph is, Google will tell me about 80% of the time.” Jay Cross, 2015

“one stop shop for getting me to my learning destination” 2015

“Want to know something? Anything? Google it. Just for fun, hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button and see what happens. Beyond the obvious, on-demand search for any information ever published, it’s also a great tool to find images for slides or elearning projects… just be sure to filter your image search results by license and find the images that are free to use or share.” Brian Washburn, 2015

“suspect there is not much need for commentary here, other than to say it remains for now the best search for what I look for, and how I wish to find it. That could change in the future.” Ben Carmel, 2015

“easy to navigate. The search aligns best with all of my google usage” Virgina Goen, 2015
“very powerful” Washington Braga, 2015

“where I head when I get curious (often) and don’t have an existing resource or SME…” JD Dillon, 2015
“In the digital world you have to search and learn. Still number 1” Jeffrey Riley, 2015
“Me permite dirigir mi aprendizaje dejándome llevar por mi curiosidad e interés. Serendipia.” Marta Toran, 2015

“Yes, it often leads to Wikipedia or YouTube, but it is almost always the launchpad. Even my seven year old knows, if you don’t know something “google it”.” David Glow, 2015

“I regularly look up things I hear of and don’t know.  It often leads me to Wikipedia (my preferred source, teachers take note), but regularly (e.g. 99.99% of the time) provides me with links that give me the answer i need.” Clark Quinn, 2015

“Is the starting point for every research, bog or small, complex or simple, deep or superfluous.” Santiago González Chávez, 2015

“Google search is the tool I use on a daily basis for both work and school to search for information and research issues that require in-depth study. As the worlds leading, and most popular search engine, the results made available afford me the ability to quickly discern what I can utilize as a reliable source.” Rob Wiltbank, 2014

“the core tool in my searching for answers for things” Clark Quinn, 2014
“gateway to the collective knowledge of the world” JD Dillon, 2014
“for finding any information” Sergey Litvinov, 2014

“finds almost everything – google alerts on fav keywords”  Thomas Jenewein, 2013
“All in mind, there on Google”  Akash Bhatia, 2013
“invaluable for those who can’t remember”  Charles Jennings, 2013
“seek and find”  Paul Jacobs, 2013
“making the vast amount of information available online accessible”  Shannon Bosley, 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“my outsourced brain”  Adam Schwartz

“I rarely use another search engine and can’t imagine using the Internet without this but who knows? I might be using Bing next year” Frances Bell

“you can find anything you want! All your questions are answered”  Marco Salas

“it’s my door to the Web”  Jochen Robes

“I think that Google is still the best search engine in web. If you need to find anything, try Google! ” Vaclav Friedrich

“The starting point of web research. High quality and pertinent search results” Karl Goddard

“Still the #1 knowledge portal in my book. It’s the root of all my searches and often leads off to other useful sites included in this list.” Rich Chetwynd

“it’s my universal finder and research tool, both online and on my hard drive”  Jay Cross

“My students use it constantly and so do I.  Any questions?  Ask Google.”  Kris Stanhope

“This search engine drives my learning.”  Anastasia Prynikova