188 – Google+

DOWN 90 places. Continues to drop down the list after a Top 10 position in 2013.

Google’s social networking site is useful for deep conversations, resource sharing and for creating communities around topics and events.

Website: plus.google.com

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2018: 97
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2018:
Top 100 Tools for Education 2018:

Past Overall Rankings
2017: 98    2016: 45    2015: 40    2014: 11    2013: 10    2012: 17    2011: 26    2010: –    2009: –    2008: –    2007: –

Some comments from those who selected Google Plus as one of their Top 10 Tools

“didn’t start utilizing this tool until I began working on my masters program, but now I have utilized it for multiple classes and am very happy with the outcome. I like the collaboration ability within a safe environment where I don’t feel that those outside the community are reading up on my every post, but individuals in the community collaborate and get great ideas from each other.” Bethany Langley, Instructional Technology Student, USA, 2016

“we use it for post-learning sharing, Q&A and ongoing learning reinforcement and community connection.” L&D Manager, UK, 2016

implementing it in the classroom this year and use for continuing education. This has become one of my favorite tools to use. It should have been number one but I don’t use it as much as the others due to the fact that not all that I correspond with use it. I do love my Google Classroom and find it easy to navigate and use. You can do just about anything you need.” Virginia Goen, 2015

“Google+ is very good for deep conversations and the live Hangouts feature works well. It is a small select community for me at G+.” Harold Jarche, 2014

“content sharing and chat” David Schindler, 2014
“i use it for social learning” Suleyman Eren, 2014
“turning into a useful learning tool” Mike Collins, 2014
“every meeting, with shared screens, webcam, collaborative apps, etc” JD Dillon, 2014
“for educational blogging” Sergey Litvinov, 2014

“For sharing images and videoclips made by students and colleagues” 2013
“google hangouts, best way to see and collaborate with folks around the globe”  Danny Ortegon 2013
“Google hangouts. Group chatting, shared google doc sessions and sync’d youtube video viewing… and thats just for starters. SO many possibilities”  Shakir Ahmad 2013
“Google Hangouts – can be on Google Drive at same time. Like it better than Skype despite some shortcomings”  Debra Lee 2013
“Google+ Communities replace an LMS”  Urs Frei 2013
“Google Hangouts replace Web conferencing platforms ” Urs Frei 2013
“Google + Communities – They allow me to target and contain my professional circles and easily share information”  Debra Robinson 2013
“I find G+ is very good for deep conversations and the live Hangouts feature is still a killer app, even though the features and interface keep changing, showing that the platform is built by engineers, for engineers.”  Harold Jarche 2013
“Google Hangouts – One of the most important innovations for education. It gives teachers the opportunity to collaborate in real time anywhere in the world”  Tim Childers 2013