72 – Google Keep

UP 27 places in 2021

Google Keep lets you capture, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere.

Website: google.com/keep
Cost: Free
Availability: Download

Ranking on the 2021 sub-lists

Top 150 Tools for
Personal Learning: 38
Top 150 Tools for
Workplace Learning:
Top 150 Tools for
Education: 52

Overall rankings in the previous 14 surveys: 2007-2020

2020: 99 2019: 83 2018: 52 2017: 97 2016: – 2015: – 2014: –
2013: – 2012: – 2011: – 2010: – 2009: – 2008: – 2007: –

Comments on Google Keep in 2021

“Google Keep allows me to take notes for work or personal use wherever I am. It links my computer and phone and keeps me present with activities that need to be saved. Grocery Lists, Office supply orders, project statuses, links to resources, and today’s scripture verse.” Linda-Jo Graham, Quality Assurance Consultant, USA

“Use it to create lists of books I want to read, movies to watch…” Olga Anishenkova, eLearning Design Team Lead, Spain

“Dynamic lists and planning” Mags Almond, Researcher, Ireland

Previous comments

” I use Keep to keep just about everything in my brain! This is a list maker, with many options like making folders, adding media to a sticky note, checklists, or reminders. This one keeps my head on straight!” Librarian, 2020

“Best way to capture bookmarks and notes to self.” Education Advisor, New Zealand, 2020

“To note ideas on the fly, as they can come any time. To remind myself” Designer and Design Thinking Teacher, France, 2019

Quick Guide to Google Keep 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Google Keep for teaching, training, learning and development.

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