6 – Google Docs/Drive

Same position as in 2018

Google Docs is used to create documents, Google Sheets for spreadsheets, and Google Slides for slidesets  – individually or collaboratively.

Google Drive is the cloud storage service, where you can also up host other files.

Website: google.com/docs
Cost: Free
Availability: Online

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 6
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 8
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 3

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 6.   2017: 4    2016: 5     2015: 4     2014: 2       2013: 2
2012: 3    2011: 3    2010: 3     2009: 5     2008: 17     2007: 14

Comments from those who selected Google Drive/Docs as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“Everything I write starts in Google Drive. Its still the easiest way to collaborate on materials with peers across locations and companies.” CLO, USA

“Collaborative document and resource management with the ease of a desirable interface” Manager of Product Development, USA

“Easy to use, free and makes collaboration possible. More lightweight than Microsoft Word, where ~75% of the features aren’t used by most users.” Learning Technologist, UK

“In education: to collect and share student works Docs: For education: define course project, outline each course and list points to make. And share for courses with other teachers to coordinate. Slides: To prepare the slides to present. Great for collaboration with other teachers for sale course and easy to share to students. Sheet: To calculate grade from multiple teachers and use ratios” Designer and Design Thinking Teacher & Coordinator, France

“Excellent collaborative space to work on documents. The comments feature is very useful and the fact it autosaves” Principal Lecturer, UK

“Great tool for collaboration, gathering surveys, sharing documents and files” Senior eLearning Designer and Developer, USA

“for sharing learning material” Head of Learning, Germany

“Collaboration, “cloud” for files – helps out in many situations” College Professor, Russia

“Best alternative storage space, free and can be used handily for personal, teaching, collaborative work.” Lecturer, Malaysia

“Use it for collaboration with colleagues” CEO, Netherlands

“For storing alot of my files and able to access them any time any where. It has a 15gb storage capacity now which is excellent.” L&D Manager, UK

Previous comments

“Microsoft Word may have more features and easier formatting, but I’ve not found a better way to collaborate with my team or maintain version control than through Google’s suite of tools. The word processing application is the one my team and I use more often, thus the nod to Google Docs.”  Brian Washburn, 2018

“We use Google docs a lot for my team. It’s a great way to collaborate and learn. I love it!: Kaspar Spiro, 2018

“Everything I create – from blog posts to presentations – starts in Drive. It’s by far the easiest way to co-create content.” JD Dillon, 2018

“I have moved over to a large extent to Google docs. It is easy to share and collaborate on documents, I can keep track of learner engagements and it is easily embeddable.” Maggie Verst, South Africa

“I use Google Drive and OneDrive to collaborate with clients (writing documents). I prefer Google Drive. You have more edit-possibilities in the browser version. I have two Office 365 accounts. This lead to issues with synchronization.  However: don’t use Google for ‘sensitive’ data.” Wilfred Rubens, Netherlands

“Why do people still insist upon the painful and unnecessary process of emailing file attachments around to others for collaboration? Really! I’d love to know. Working with others is so much easier and more efficient when you all work in the same document. The collaboration and co-editing features alone should make the Google apps part of your toolkit. (Or any other similar alternative.) And I agree that Google Forms might be the most underrated tool of the whole set.” Mike Taylor, USA

“All my files are always available on any device anywhere (almost).” Anon, New Zealand

“my main way to collaborate and learn with others” Helen Sanderson, New Zealand

” Easy to collaborate with peers / customers when creating a storyboard.” Julio Cunha, Brazil

“A cloud solution for both documents, agenda presentations that is easy to edit with external people and shareable. ” Nick van Breda,  Netherlands

“Best collaborative working tool.” Anon, USA

Easy to use, collect data and can be used as assessment tool too” Amutha Navomoney, 2016

“I use Google Docs mostly for real-time student to student collaboration. They can work on an assignment together on two separate devices, this has been a great addition to my classroom. Not to mention, it makes signing up for projects, or giving quick feedback a breeze.  I use Google Slides in my classroom occasionally for a teacher lead lab, or discussion, but mostly use it for students to collaborate on a presentation or project. They can all be working on it at the same time, so it cuts out one person doing all the work and creates an environment where all students are engaged.” Stephanie Martin, Primary/Secondary (K12) Teacher, USA

“One of my personal goals is to rid our office of sending file attachments via email. Google Docs is a dead simple way to avoid the maddening challenge of keep track of which version is the right one and never having to merge edits from multiple people ever again.” Mike Taylor, USA

“Google Slides: Instructor led training, collaboration on document. Google Docs Job aids and performance support, collaboration on document.” Louise Puddifoot, L&D Manager, UK

“These are my two default tools for basic, everyday document and spreadsheet creation and sharing. And their functionality for larger, more complex projects rival Word and Excel.” L&D Advisor, USA

“Great way to collaborate and share information.” Matthew Mason, e-learning developer, USA

“Use this for managing projects , co-ordinating and collaborating” Joe Wilson, Consultant, Scotland

“Google drive replaced my computer: my files are safe and can be accessed fro any device. Google docs is very useful to me and my students as they can create files, share them and get real time feedback.” Rose Ngacha, Primary/Secondary (K12) Teacher, USA

“Best document collaboration.” Alexander Roche, Educational Technologist, Australia

“I use this in college classes to facilitate group work and virtual jigsaws. Each student is assigned a cell. Each group of 4 is assigned a culminating question/cell. I use this also in reviews. Each student is assigned a question/cell, and also another students cell to peer edit or give feedback.” Arlene Corrigan, University/College Teacher, Canada

“promotes collaboration in real time during workshops and conferences, with resulting documents serving as detailed minutes. Great way to pre-load documents for participants that they can access as needed” Kathy Berry, Consultant, USA

“Cloud storage area that works on line and off line.” Marquita Poinsetta, Trainer/Instructor, USA

“I use this little dude to share my documents safely and securely. No drama. To share my files and back up my documents in case my computer dies. How did i live without this app?” Olusegun Adegboyega-Edun, e-learning developer, USA

“Very useful for storing PDFs and retrieving/sharing them quickly. Works really well on tablets and I like being able to annotate documents.” Stephen Gosney, L&D Manager, UK

“I know it’s heresy in some corners, but I like Drive over Dropbox. Its integration with other Google tools and its totally free pricing synch it for me. I will say that Microsoft’s OneDrive is a major contender, IMHO.” L&D Advisor, USA

“Easy in use. All in one to make exercises, analytics, sharing with students. Useful additional apps” B Smitters, Primary/Secondary (K12) Teacher, Netherlands

“This is where students and teachers create docs and designs at school and then finish them at home if necessary” Theresa Corpus, 2015

“Google Docs/ Drive – classroom and school wide sharing and assignments. Docs and Drive are easy to use. However, I still question the privacy of the information. Until there is a way to assure that Google does not have access to all information, there are still downfalls. All it takes is one hack. I am concerned about security but still use this tool.” Virginia Goen, 2015

“For everyday collaboration and transparent cooperation, these have become my go-to tools. There is a lot of room for improvement, but their wide acceptance makes them very useful.” Ben Carmel, 2015

“This tool enable signals me to collaborate with others on documents. More Over, I can access important resources on every device I use. I use Google Forms to identify opinions of participants in workshops” Wilfred Rubens, 2015

“Google docs for sharing with team members” Roger Mundell, 2015
“Google Forms; create questionaires and quizzes” Wiebe Dijkstra, 2015
“Google Slides – I use it to embed parts of lessons in an online course. So seamless in our LMS!” Jennifer Smith, 2015
“Google Slides for internal trainings (remote teams)” Ellen Schuurink, 2015
“Google Drive – materials for school, documents and collaboration” Andreas Hofer, 2015
“Google Docs/Drive: collaborative document management with colleague and students” 2015
“Google Drive:Manage digital resources for administrative and learning activities” Santiago González Chávez, 2015
“I use drive to host my videos and students submit lab reports using Docs.” Olivia Seger, 2015
“esp. Forms to collect responses” Louisa van der Linden, 2015

“Google Forms –  I am making all my quizzes this year in Forms and grading with Flubaroo. Google Google Slides – I use this in lecture and students use to create” 2015

“versatility” Danny Ortegon, 2014

“It didn’t take long to realize how cloud storage could help me organize my work and assignments. Combine that with an integrated and free office suite clone, and you have another one of my top tool picks.” Rob Wiltbank, 2014

“using this more this year since involvement with edcontexts.org – cloud based, ubiquitous nature of google docs enables us to easily share drafts, co-write, and review proposed posts and ideas.” Tanya Lau 2014

“to share common content” Dr Tushar Maniar, 2014
“Google forms – for collecting learner feedback” 2014
“collaborative development space” JD Dillon, 2014

“The ability to create and share folders, presentations, and more makes this a great portfolio repository, 2014
Google Forms: have your forms autograded with the Flubaroo script. Same script will also send an email to all students with their results (as long as you ask for their email addresses as one of the form questions). A great new option in the form: embed video in the form. This is wonderful for teachers, who can now have the video and questions about the video in the same place. You can also do this with Educanon.” Nicole Naditz, 2014

“default collaborative tool set” 2014
“best for real time student collaboration” 2014

“In my translation classes (German/Spanish and English/Spanish) for sharing suggestions and corrections, and for work in groups and pairs too” 2013
“The collaboration suite of the year!” Naomi Harm, 2013
“fast and easy way to creat and collaborate”  Danny Ortegon, 2013
“Online collaboration has never been easier”  Shakir Ahmad, 2013
“share documents with students/colleagues. Work in real time on projects”  Debra Lee, 2013
“as an office suite for producing collaborative texts, presentations”
“online, live, collaboration makes it easy to collaborate with others”  Zifang Su, 2013
“Where I have everything…”  Debra Robinson, 2013
“for writing and sharing” Sam Oakley, 2013
“It began with a love of Google Forms. Now I am using Google Drive for nearly everything”  Tim Childers, 2013
“Collaborative and sharing documents, it is increasingly becoming an important tool for me.  Mark Rollins, 2013
“easiest of sharing methods” Robin Long, 2013
“wonderful cross-platform sharing tool for working in groups” 2013
“Use this product for a multiple of tasks and the collaborative aspects and ease of use” Christina Carboni, 2013
“allows for creation of content, accessibility, and sharing”  Shannon Bosley, 2013
“for accessible, synchronous, collaborative work to connect online and f2f classes in blended format)” Lyra Hilliard, 2013


“the best to share/ do documents quickly” Maria de los Angeles Castro

“students submit work this way; surveys throughout the class; class brainstorming on a shared document; gradebook simulations on spreadsheets, etc.; too wonderful for words” Sarah Davis

“brilliant tool for collaboration and sharing” Jane Challinor

“So useful for collaborative working on docs, spreadsheets or for booking forms online. Great and free.” Rob Hubbard

“I use Google Docs for documents and spreadsheets, which I can easily share or publish. I use Forms to easily create surveys and bring the data into the spreadsheets. I also use it to get distance learners to collaborate.” Brian Mulligan

“A free utility that enables you to work collaboratively with others on wordprocessed or spreadsheet documents as well as visual presentations. The GREATEST tool is the form tool that enables you to create forms that are posted on the web. As users enter the data, it appears immediately in your spreadsheet.” Leigh Zeitz

“A realistic alternative to ‘traditional’ Office application suites. The ability to collaborate makes Google Docs a winner.” Karl Goddard