122 – Google Alerts

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Google Alerts let you monitor the web for interesting new content

Website: google.com/alerts

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2018: 70
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Comments from some those who selected Google Alerts as one of their Top Tools

“automating the news on selected topics” Volker Langer, Germany

“Google Alerts will repeat your good search strategy automatically and when results turn up Google will email you and include the annotated links in the message. It is like having a reliable research assistant!” Lissa Lord

“is very useful to track the web for news on matters of interest to me. It can also be displayed in a widget on my iGoogle page.” Guy Boulet

“I get regular alerts via email and this is the main way I keep up on elearning news. I haven’t got into rss yet and in the meantime this simple solution suits me well.” Rob Hubbard

“into my email box each day, provides me with links to articles, blog posts and so on according to my search terms. I have set up about 5 alerts and it is very manageable.” Elaine Talbert

“This is how I keep track of the topics I want to learn about through email updates of the relevant Google results. I also use it to monitor my own blog and websites.” Anastasia Prynikova