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Flipgrid is a video discussion platform in education the world. Owned by Microsoft

Website: flipgrid.com
Cost: Free and Premium plans
Availability: Online

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Comments on Flipgrid

“Flipgrid offers educators wonderful, password-protected environments for video-based communication.” Karen Caldwell, University education and consultant, Canada, 2022

“Flipgrid is a video sharing board where facilitators create a topic and participants (students mainly) post videos in response to the topic. It is much like a discussion board in that people can interact with each other. I like it because it provides a nice alternative to kids who do not like writing to communicate their ideas.” Teacher, USA, 2022

“FlipGrid is a simple way for students to create fun videos to show their understanding of content. If you want to see your students’ personalities come out, this is one of the ways to do it. I would prompt my students with a simple task and have them show me they could do a math skill in the video. Many students would take on the role of a teacher and teach in the video how to do the skill. Some of the funnier ones were when students would act like news media personnel and present the information that way. FlipGrid also does have a screen recording feature for students to use if they do not want to show their faces. This program puts all the recordings under the same subject created so all videos are in the same place that is submitted for that topic.” Darren Vance, Middle School Math Teacher, USA, 2021

“Provide students with a voice” Ben Martinez, K12 teacher, USA, 2021

“Love the ability to record myself ….” Josipa Erhardt, teacher, Croatia, 2021

“Flipgrid is easy to use, engages students, is versatile, and is fun for the students. I use it to take feedback from other educators and students, and it can be used to support other educators as well.” Majlinda Qosja, teacher, Albania, 2021

“This is a video response that groups all responses to a question or assignment into one place. Videos can be public or private. If you are looking for an app that can get students interacting with one another in a non-live setting, look no further. I can also check for basic understanding after a reading time and easily listen to verbal responses” Librarian, USA, 2020

“A good tool for engaging older students in interactive discussions about class topics.” Sara Carlesimo, Web Designer/Teacher, France, 2020

“Good for getting students / learners to be able to engage using their own media. Gives a voice to the student and good for peer review” Tabitha King, Social Work Educator, UK, 2020

“Easy to use. I can create and respond to others from my phone.” Teacher, 2020

“Allows interaction between tutors and learners and peer feedback.” Academic Leader, 2020

“Allows for discussions and sharing to take place outside of the classroom.” Teacher, USA, 2020

Quick Guide to Flipgrid 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Flipgrid for teaching, training, learning and development.

Flipgrid lets teachers and their students post short videos online in response to different prompts, as well as to converse with one another other via video. It therefore enhances the social interaction of the classroom and supports collaboration across classrooms.

Here are some general resources on using Flipgrid in your classroom

Flipgrid can also be used to support remote teaching (online learning) within education which is probably the main reason why it has taken off this year. This video shows you how to teach remotely with Flipgrid.

See also Educators use Flipgrid to boost engagement, foster connection during remote learning, Microsoft, 5 May 2020

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