Flickr is a place where you can store your photos, tag them and share them with others either through a link to the site or by embedding them in your blog or web page.

Cost: Free.
Availability: Online

Past Overall Rankings
2018: –      2017: –     2016: 182    2015: –       2014: 55     2013: 52
2012: 60   2011: 36   2010: 20      2009: 18     2008: 15    2007: 16

Comments from some of those who selected Flickr as one of their Top 10 Tools 

“A great place to store, find and share images.” James Clay, UK, 2016

“Flickr enables me to enjoy memories of times past. Since 2001, I’ve posted 32,000 photographs.  I’ll admit to revisiting Monterey Car Week half a dozen times.” Jay Cross, 2015

“I’ve been sketchnoting at conferences & meetings and this is a great tool to curate the sketchnotes” Rachel Burnham, 2015

“I usually have a backlog of photos that I want to edit and upload. I like to see what other Flickr contacts and users have posted. I am always so impressed by the openness and creativity of others” Jenny Mackness, 2014

“I criticize the photo hosting site and judging by the reversion to the old-style interface I think I was not along. I pay them money and they store my photos online and display them. It’s still a good deal” Stephen Downes, 2014

“Still a fairly easy way to share photos online but getting more complicated to use and share. I like the feature that automatically creates images in multiple sizes.” Harold Jarche, 2014

“still a great way to share photos online. I like the feature that automatically creates images in multiple sizes. Though the deletion of Pro accounts, for which I paid two years in advance, shows that Yahoo! (the owner) does not really care about its customers, only advertisers.”  Harold Jarche, 2013

“I source CC images for my work”  Jason de Nys 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“Flickr is a wonderful tool to find images to enhance instruction, however, it is blocked in my district to my use is primarily at home when searching for images that I then save onto a jump drive for sharing with my students. ” Mary Howard

“I use this privately as a backup for my photo collection (worth paying for the pro version) and publicly for selected personal photos, and images that I use for work. Top feature is ability to search for CC-licensed images, and search in general has improved recently. I store a fe videos here but mainly use it for images. ” Frances Bell

” I have always loved Flickr for sharing photographs, but find the advanced search option of only displaying Creative Commons licensed photos very helpful in creating material for my blog or classes.” Britt Wattwood

“I upload or link to Flickr photos several times a week. Beyond using Flickr to house traditional photos, I also use it to store presentation slides saved as .jpeg files. Flickr makes interfacing with other slideshow applications, such as VoiceThread, a snap.”  Jennifer Maddrell

“for image storage – used also for uploading from mobile phones and auto publishing to my blog. Also for the map feature to show where photos were taken”  Derek Wenmoth

“a great tool for storing and sharing images. The geotags utility is especially useful for pin-pointing the exact location you took the photo from, long after you’ve lost it from your memory.”  Charles Jennings

“I take a lot of photos and could not keep them organized before”  Jay Cross