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UP 32 PLACES IN 2022

Firefox is an open source web browser with thousands of add-ons that enhance its functionality.

Website: mozilla.com/firefox/
Free. Open source
Availability: Download

Rankings in the previous surveys: 

2021: 128 2020: 98 2019: 125 2018: 138 2017: 99 2016: 65 2015: 74 2014: 92
2013: 97 2012: 65 2011: – 2010: 29 2009: 9 2008: 2 2007: 1

Comments on Firefox

“I use a browser to visit many online services, and the browser is probably the tool I use most every day. And, as we all know, Firefox is open source software, there are a lot of cool extensions that can be installed to enhance the browser’s functionality”  Masters student, France

“I know, most people won’t even list their browser, or maybe they use Chrome or Edge, but Firefox is pretty key to me. In particular, I use a number of extensions that offer me a pleasant and ad-free internet browsing experience, specifically, UBlock Origin, Video Download Helper, View Image, Web Developer, 1Password, and more. I also appreciate that it disables tracking cookies and does not report my web development activities back to corporate headquarters.” Stephen Downes, Canada, 2022

“Great browser, like it better than Chrome which is my alternative browser.” Olga Anishenkova, eLearning Design Team Lead, Spain, 2021

“I was surprised to see Firefox on my lists from a decade ago and I recently wrote a blog post about my browser journey that took me away from Ff and now I am back. A browser steeped in privacy and security is much more attractive to me. Combined with the right plugins and it is an important tool for work and learning.” Audrey J Williams, Vice President, IT/CIO, USA

“first choice for browser for past 17 years. Use it at work, school and play.” Anon, Canada, 2019

Quick Guide to Firefox 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Firefox for teaching, training, learning and development.

Firefox has always been a valuable browser. You can customize Firefox with add-ons, of which there are 3 kinds:

  1. extensions
  2. appearances (eg themes) and
  3. plug-ins.

It is these add-ons that all you to customise and personalise your browsing experience. They can make browsing faster, (eg) they can block annoying ads, safer (they can protect passwords), and fun (eg change the browser appearance)

Here are 7 reasons to use Firefox

Further resources

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