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DOWN 6 places in 2020

Feedly is an RSS or news reader. It lets you organise, read and share the content of your favourite sites.

Website: feedly.com
Cost: Free and premium versions
Availability: Online

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Comments from some of those who selected Feedly as one of their top tools

“Best RSS tool.” Education Advisor, New Zealand, 2020

“I use it to stay up to date with 100 blogs” Joitske Hulsebosch, Adviser Online Learnng, The Netherlands, 2020

“Feedly is the foundation of my personal approach to knowledge management and helps me efficiently keep up with all the things I’m interested in.” Mike Taylor, USA, 2020

“Yes, I’ve written my own RSS reader, but who wants the overhead of all that data being input, sorted, stored, etc? So I use Feedly quite a lot; it’s the primary source for most of my daily links and keeps me up-to-date on a daily basis. The list of sources, and categories I collect, could make another post in itself (I might do that one of these days). I pay for a Pro+ Feedly subscription, which has just recently added an AI  research assistant called Leo that I haven’t tried yet.” Stephen Downes, Canada, 2020

“portal to the world of wisdom” Haejun Yang, Manager, South Korea, 2020

“I really couldn’t do without Feedly though. This is my news reader, where I aggregate well over 300 blog and website feeds. I use this as another means to keep up to date with new technology, the future of work, and other related topics. I also rely heavily on Google Alerts to send me other resources that I might have missed – particularly on “continuous learning” and “lifelong learning”. And when I across any gems I share them on Twitter too.” Jane Hart, UK, 2020

“My feed reader, or aggregator, to keep track of blogs and news sites via RSS.” Harold Jarche, Canada, 2020

“News about education and learning, a focused resource I use every day” Kathrin Quilling, Digital Learning Specialist, Germany, 2020

“I’ve been a Feedly Pro user for years and swear by this tool to feed me great content.  I’ve found some gems in here but you really need to refine key words and search terms.  Over the years I noticed that my network has not been blogging anymore or sharing a lot of content so I’ve had to rejig this again..” Helen Blunden, Community Manager, Australia, 2020

Quick Guide to Feedly 

Here you will find some basic guidance as well as links to resources on how to use Feedly for teaching, training, learning and development.

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