25 – Evernote

Has retrieved 13 of the 23 places it lost last year.

Evernote is a tool – not just for making textual notes but also for web clipping, and as such it can act as an individual’s personal information system.

Website: evernote.com
Cost: Free and premium versions
Availability: Online and download app

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 18
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 51
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 37

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 38.   2017: 15    2016: 17    2015: 10    2014: 8    2013: 6
2012: 12    2011: 17    2010: 23    2009: 27    2008: –     2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Evernote as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“I use this for note taking during webinars and conferences. Evernote is also good for organizing and storing research and ideas to save for later. I organize my sundry notes, PDF files and screen captures in Evernote’s notebooks and stacks (groups of notebooks).” Connie Malamed, learning experience design consultant, USA http://theelearningcoach.com/reviews/top-ten-tools-in-my-ple/ 

“I draft blog posts in Evernote, save receipts in Evernote, archive notes in Evernote, retain libraries of content in Evernote. One tool with so many uses. It does get better the more you use it and, again, is an app I pay for.” Andrew Jacobs, UK https://lostanddesperate.com/2019/09/04/top-10-tools-for-learning-2019/ 

“for capturing small text notes when I am away from my normal machine ” Matthias Melcher, Germany https://x28newblog.wordpress.com/2019/08/30/top-ten-tools/

“I have been an Evernote Premium user for many years.  I use it for everything in my life – travel documents, scanning documents and so much more.  I use it as a dumping ground of all my links and references and use the annotation and editing to read and write notes in PDFs. In my day to day work I use MS One2016 which I must say is far more easier to use than Evernote. It also has more functionality in that it links to Outlook as well as it sits in the Microsoft ecosphere so all your work is in the one place.  Also, it has excellent search capability within the tool – I find it far better than Evernote search. Over time, I’m thinking of moving over to OneNote 2016 but this is going to require some research because I want OneNote 2016 and not the lesser lite version of OneNote and it requires some time and consideration of this.  It means you’re then locked into one ecosphere for the long term.  This is why I still have Evernote. I am hedging my bets but know that either may not be the right solution….so I’m going to wait it out.” Helen Blunden, Australia http://activatelearning.com.au/2019/08/my-top-10-tools-for-learning-2/

“I use Evernote Pro to capture all my notes and links to what I’m reading. I also use OneNote 2016 for work. (They do the same thing but I like to keep professional and personal work learning separate – there’s no guarantee that I’d be using Microsoft forever….let’s see…)” Senior Adoption Consultant, Australia

“It’s all about organizing and decluttering the note-taking process. Enhance your notes with links, checklists, tables, attachments, and audio recordings. You can even search your own hand-written notes.” Global Manager of Technology Learning Center, USA

“An effective all-rounder for archiving, note-taking and sharing content.” Learning Content Developer, Spain

“My personal knowledge repository: Everything at my fingertip.” Trainer/Consultant, Switzerland

“I like evernote to take digital notes and not lose them. When I’m involved in a specific project or research, I also use it as a bookmark, article repository while I’m collecting data.” Knowledge Management Specialist

“The main repository for all my bits of knowledge, also as an agenda for my ongoing work with clients” L&D Practitioner, Spain

“Research, personal learning environment (PLE) tool.” Learning Ecologies Designer, Puerto Rico

“A database for everything: all examples, links, quotes, documents – everything is there” College Professor, Russia

Previous comments

“This has been my clipper and organizer for years. Whenever I don’t have time to read something, I clip it to Evernote and return quickly to it late” Patrik Bergman, 2018

“online tool for taking notes of meetings with students, staff, courses, …” Ann Buffell, Belgium

“capturing key concepts, ideas and notes. Flexible to capture, organise and document my thinking & research.” Arun Pradhan, Australia

“My essential library tool.” Katrin Naert, Belgium

“One of my key tools for collecting & saving articles, links, all coming basically from above sources, useful for uploading pdf and images.” Miguel Canas, Spain

“self-organisation” Online learning facilitator, Switzerland

“an outstanding note-taking tool and something I use every day. I have a notebook for each of my classes to which I upload any resources I want for that class; I also jot down any ideas I have for each class. I can use it on any PC, tablet or my phone. It is also a good way to share for example a list of websites with students – using a shared notebook. I have many notebooks both for my job and life generally; the search facility in Evernote is awesome and the ability to link from one note to another, very powerful.” Colleen Young, Primary/Secondary (K12) teacher, USA, 2016

“Used to store all information that I need and easy to sort with this online database.” Bethany Langley, Instructional Technology Student, USA, 2016

“I use this to organize all my courses, resources, household bills, recipes, meetings, etc…” Arlene Corrigan, University/College teacher, USA, 2016

“great way to capture, store, create, curate content” Kerry Johnson, e-learning developer, Australia, 2016

“as my favourite backup for everything I don’t want to forget, organising my daily growing fund of information, ideas, “what to read later” stock” Annette Leeb, e-learning developer, Germany, 2016

“Place to save and organise notes, synchronise across devices, use offline.” Shona Whyte, University/College teacher, France, 2016

“I’d drown or die trying to find that useful article or piece of information without Evernote. Having Evernote shared across all my devices makes life a lot easier.” Charles Jennigs, Consultant, USA, 2016

“A low?cost effective way of accumulating source material and notes. The excellent search function makes this software even more appealing.” Neale Murden, Online learning facilitator, Australia, 2016

“for sharing information” Joitske Hulsebosch, Consultant, Netherlands, 2016

“In 2014 I described Evernote as my second brain and it’s still, for me, the best place to file those snippets of information. I had to learn how to use notebooks and stacks to get the best from it but it is definitely something that improves the more you use it. I’m keen to see if it’ll still be on the list in 2 years time; it doesn’t seem to have the fanbase it used to attract.” Andrew Jacobs, L&D Manager, UK, 2016

“Evernote – I have only really just started using this tool even though I’ve had an account for a number of years. I like that I can use it on my tablet at work to document and store information and photo’s and create checklists. I like that it synchronises with my other devices so I can pick up this information anywhere/anytime. I’ve also used it to document notes/reflections when attending conferences which has meant I can easily pass these onto colleagues.” Fleur Mouchemore, 2015

“Tools for managing the tidal wave of information we are all subjected to are an absolute necessity. If we’re not to drown under uncategorised information overload, and if we’re to reduce the time we spend trying to find the ‘right stuff’ at the right time we need tools like Evernote.  It’s certainly a tool that works for me. Evernote is the frontal lobe of my ‘external brain’ (where Google Search is probably the rest of my digital cerebral cortex). Evernote is on all my devices and use it every time I want to save an interesting ‘snippet’ that I may want to access and use in future.” Charles Jennings, 2015

“Porque escribir notas permite “organizar mi cabeza”.” Marta Toran, 2015
“helps me keep track of great resources” Rachel Burnham, 2015
“I use this for all my notes and thoughts” Wiebe Dijkstra, 2015
“all in one place and accessible from everywhere” Natalie Raeber, 2015

“I use this to manage all my projects at work and personally, can send an Outlook email directly to evernote, create organized notebooks, collaborate with people, and more!” Jennifer Smith, 2015

“I have had a hot-and-cold relationship with Evernote over the years. I am quick to recommend it as a universal tool for clipping, tagging, note-taking and sharing, but I also go a full month at times without touching it. I will say this: In my periods of high productivity I use Evernote a lot. I’m uncertain of the causal relationship, though.” Ben Carmel, 2015

“preferred app for all of my personal and professional note-taking …” JD Dillon, 2015

“brilliant organizer for cloud based and multi-device access” Danny Ortegon, 2014

“This helps me to remember and store those weblinks that I often come across serendipitously and which I don’t have time to read in the moment” Jenny Mackness, 2014

“Like many other people, I find Evernote to be an invaluable tool for varied tasks related to learning. In particular, Evernote makes it easy to save articles and jot down notes when you are researching a topic. You can download an Evernote web clipper tool for your browser (at the browser add-on site) to save articles for later reading. You can use Evernote to write down creative ideas on the fly, make to-do lists and automate tasks with IFTTT, which has thousands of Evernote recipes. Evernote can help you keep your information organized because of its simple structure: Notes can be tagged and collected into Notebooks. Then Notebooks can be collected into Stacks.”  Connie Malamed, 2014

“A great tool to use across my devices” Diane Lowery 2014
“my number 1 curation tool” Stephen Dale, 2014
“my bin for everything” 2014
“fab app to help track ideas and notes” Mike Collins, 2014
“note-taking, organizing ideas” Tracy Carroll 2014
“big part of my capture/ reflection approach (PKM)” 2014
“I use this app and website every single day” 2014

“evernote, shockingly easy tool for creating, organizing and accessing documents on multiple devices”  Danny Ortegon, 2013
“I use it everyday for planning / ideas /capturing any stray thoughts”  Colleen Young, 2013
“Evernote my idea bunker on the go and on the PC”  Urs Frei, 2013
“store everything!”  Helen Blunden, 2013
“used for everything personal and professional. Notes, checklists, etc. All devices all the time” Debra Robinson, 2013
“the place I store most things”  Charles Jennings, 2013
“all note taking, drafting, planning” Sam Oakley, 2013
“This is THE web tool to have. If I had to choose just one, Evernote is it. Hands down”  Tim Childers, 2013
“Use it to save and bookmark weblinks etc close contest between this and Diigo”  Mark Rollins, 2013
“wonderful cross-platform notetaking tool” 2013
“can organize anything and access it from anywhere, no matter what type of device”  Shannon Bosley, 2013

Pre-2013 comments

“I’m also getting hooked on this note taking tool for my iPhone too” Stephanie Horden

“Almost everything I write starts in Evernote. Blogposts, papers, lessonplans, etc. Even when I’m making notes on a piece of paper during a meeting, or scribble some ideas on a beernapkin, I take a photo with my iPhone camera and ’scan’ it into Evernote for further use. I’m using Twitter to tweet ideas, thoughts and information straight to Evernote. All my notes are synchronized between Evernote for desktop, iPhone app and web”. Jeroen Bottema

“Great way to archive digital and scanned paper documents, and find later. One of our customers built an impressive, award-winning Evernote demo, which you can learn more about and view here”. Gabe Anderson

“A new one for me and becoming central to how I work. Evernote is how I store all my work in progress, notes and research. Ideal because it has a desktop client but synchs up to an online database” Clive Shepherd