Elgg is open source software that combines a number of social media tools – blogging, wikis, micro-blogging, file upload and sharing, RSS feeds, social bookmarking and social networking – for personal and group use- all on one platform.

Website: elgg.org
Cost: Free. Open source
Availability: Download

Past Overall Rankings
2018: –    2017: –    2016: –       2015: –      2014: –    2013: –
2012: –    2011: –    2010: 90    2009: 53    2008: –    2007: 40

Comments from some of those who selected Elgg as one of their Top 10 Tools

“we have just set up our new collaboration platform using Elgg – cost effective, and I’m getting addicted to it – we are using it for networking, blogging, bookmarking” Stephanie Horden

“We started experimenting with Elgg last december. It looks very promising as a network of personal learning environments but we had some issues. We expect to continue as soon as version 1.5 comes available.” Herman Post

“blog, private communications, group forums” Pat Parslow