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2013: – 2012: 77 2011: 74 2010: 48 2009: 49 2008: 59 2007: 72

Comments on Edublogs  (pre-2013)

“a great free blog-hosting site for teachers and students alike. It’s specifically designed for educational use and is incredibly responsive to user needs, suggestions, and problems.” Larry Ferlazzo

“This is a great blog hosting platform devoted specifically to education. New features are being continually added. The site administrators genuinely respond to user requests, feedback and suggestions. It is an excellent tool for both personal blogs and/or classroom oriented blogs. It is also great for networking with other educators.” Patricia Donaghy

“I’ve started a class blog for the first time this year. My parents love it, the students love. It’s been great, and we’re only beginners.” Kris Stanhope

” I send so many faculty to edublogs and their students to uniblogs to their blogging delight. The set up is easy and their support/training site is strong! While we could set up blogging on campus, students creating content that is outside of the confines of the school feels like a good idea and it certainly is a way for them to really take ownership of their work even after the course is over. Free. Thanks Mr. Farmer! ” Audrey J Williams

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