42 – Easygenerator

A drop of 10 places this

Easygenerator is an all-in-one e-learning authoring app to create courses in the cloud.

Website: easygenerator.com
Cost: Free and Premium versions
Availability: Online

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 31
Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019: 94

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 32.   2017: 33     2016: 51    2015: 90     2014: 87     2013: –
2012: –      2011: –        2010: –       2009: –       2008: –        2007: –

Some of the comments made by those who selected Easygenerator as one of their Top 10 Tools in 2019

“Easy to use, also for distribution, so no LMS needed.” CEO, Netherlands

“DIY authoring tool” Learning Consultant, Netherlands

“Low cost, low learning curve” L&D Specialist, Netherlands

Previous comments

“Allows authors from all over the world to work together on creating courses, share/re-use media, apply design etc.” Tunde Kallai, Switzerland

“This tool has really changed our onboarding and ongoing training program for our remote customer service team. Having a remote team can be a challenge, but this tool has been easy to scale and hand off to leaders on our team. Easy Generator has made training more efficient and fun by giving us the tools to easily build out training and those tools are just so much more engaging than what we had in place before. We’ve been able to reduce our onboard time and increase participation. We were also able to do this without purchasing a separate lms and we can now use our budget towards building out more resources as opposed to paying for additional systems we don’t have the resources to use. I can stress how simple and user-friendly the system is to use, and how our agents enjoy being in the system.” Melissa, USA

“Because it is responsive, extremely instructionally sound and allow for true online collaboration during authoring.” Julio Cunha, Brazil

“Great way to open up training access to people not on site or available for classroom training – great complement to classic training” David Tremayne-Smith, France

“very easy to use tool. I’ve created and was a student for a lot of courses!” Consultant, Netherlands

“this is the most user-friendly e-learning tool I have tried, and as a busy professor, I can’t afford to spend a lot of time on online course development.” Chris Wildermuth, University/College teacher, USA, 2016

“Easy to use, flexible pricing, and many users supported Powerful training can now done over the internet and for a very reasonable cost.” Steven Guzelimian, USA, 2016

“We use Easygenerator to produce attractive, effective learning material. Our eLearning developers like its ease of use, while our subject matter experts like the ability to leave feedback as they review a course. It allows for a very collaborative process.” Stephen Naso, L&D Manager, USA, 2016

“This has a bit more of a cookie-cutter feel out of the box, but the ways that pretests and post tests can tie in directly to topic areas in the training make it a great tool for selectively/dynamically marking mastered content in the course as complete based on the user’s pretest results.” Kimball Larsen, e-learning developer, USA, 2016

“very easy to use, responsive eLearning authoring tool. We’ve deployed it across our entire organization so anyone can create effective learning!” L&D Manager, USA, 2016

“creates a course with clean look. Great for tying objectives to quizzes” 2015

“A e-learning development tool. We use it to produce our own scorm 1.2 modules. It is easy to use, so every one can work with it” 2015

“I like the way it helps you to create courses, with learning objectives”, Despina Kamilali, 2014
“Power and simplicity in content development” 2014