72 – Diigo

DOWN 40 places in 2020

Diigo is a social bookmarking, research and knowledge sharing tool. It lets you make personal notes and highlight text on web pages and share them with others.

Website: diigo.com
Cost: Free and Premium versions
Availability: Online

Ranking on the 2020 sub-lists

Top 100 Tools for
Personal Learning: 42
Top 100 Tools for
Workplace Learning: 85
Top 100 Tools for
Education: 67

Overall rankings in the 14 surveys: 2007-2020

2020: 72 2019: 32 2018: 48 2017: 43 2016: 54 2015: 42 2014: 20
2013: 21 2012: 18 2011: 13 2010: 15 2009: 22 2008: 35 2007: 72

Comments from some of those who selected Diigo as one of their top tools

“It is my personal library – without it I would feel lost” Joitske Hulsebosch, Adviser Online Learning, The Netherlands, 2020

“knowledge compendium, easy to group by topics, tagging is an asset when retrieving information” Director Knowledge Management, Austria, 2020

“Nice tool for collecting and organizing web resources. Can also create organized lists of resources under a single topic.” Anon, 2020

Tagging. Saving notes to what I read and re-use to create contents or use for instruction or solve a problem.” Facilitator of Peer Learning Programs, France, 2019

Quick Guide to Diigo

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Diigo for teaching, training, learning and development.

For individuals and particularly students in education Diigo is an important tool for organising, storing and sharing research results.  It has been a powerful personal social bookmarking tool for many years.

  • Here is a video showing you how to use Diigo to research and organise

It is of course also a valuable tool for educators to organise their teaching resources

  • Here is a video that shows how to use Diigo Outliners for this purpose

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