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DeepL is a translation tool that applies machine learning to translation.

Website: deepl.com/translator

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Comments on DeepL Translator

“Best translation tool” Esther, Knowledge Management, Germany, 2022

“I use this to translate my textes faster and to give them a more professional sound.” Jessica, e-learning project manager, Germany, 2022

“A really great translator. Not as many languages as Google Translator. But I am more satisfied about the translations. We must also become less dependent on technology giants such as Google” Wilfred Rubens, Netherlands, 2021

“Working in an international setting, it’s been invaluable for me. Improves my written English while I learn from the corrections” Mercè Gamell, Freelancer teacher and project manager, Spain, 2021

“it’s a good tool for translations of various docs” Ela, Lecturer, Lithuania, 2021

“Translating any content using machine learning and my human skills.” Rotana Ty, Learning Catalyst. Internal Community Manager, France, 2020

“A really great translator. Not as many languages as Google Translator. But I am more satisfied about the translations.”

“With an international clientele and blog audience, I often get references in other languages. I find this tool much better than Google Translate, though it is available for fewer languages” Harold Jarche, Canada, 2020

“By far, the best translation tool between English and French that I have ever used.” Online education technologist, Canada, 2019

“To translate and learn from translations” Consultant, Netherlands, 2019

Quick Guide to DeepL Translator 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use the DeepL Translator for teaching, training, learning and development.

DeepL Translate is the place to translate  text and web pages into different languages. Although the translation won’t be perfect, it will be good enough to understand the general meaning. It is certainly a key site to enable learning from resources that are not in your mother tongue.

Here is a screenshot of the translator. Full instructions on the left hand side.

Further resources

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