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Techsmith’s Camtasia is a tool to record, edit and enhance on-screen activity in the form of screencasts.

Website: techsmith.com/camtasia.html
Cost: Commercial. Free trial
Availability: Download

Rankings in the previous surveys: 

2021: 29 2020: 43 2019: 23 2018: 24 2017: 24 2016: 24 2015: 31 2014: 23
2013: 28 2012: 28 2011: 28 2010: 27 2009: 26 2008: 26 2007: 50

Comments on Camtasia in 2022

“Still learning my way around this tool but I love when I have an opportunity to use this tool. It makes video creation and editing a less daunting task.” Online instruction specialist, USA

“Amazingly powerful tool to create learning, transitions, highlights, motion from broad sets of media.” Eva Kedar, Global Sales Enablement, USA

“Very good tool for video creation with a lot of features for the price and it’s easy to learn. Perfect for someone who dabbles in video but doesn’t want to spend money or take time to learn how to use complex video tools.” Miriam de Jonge, Product lead for global training product, USA

“Easy and quick to use. I create mainly title videos, how-to’s, and GIFs using this tool.” Lindsey Garcia, Learning & Development Manager, USA

Previous comments on Camtasia

“My go to tool for video editing. Once you learn the basics, it’s fairly easy to master and the updates continue to provide new ways to improve my videos.” Mary Nunaley, elearning experience designer, USA, 2021

“In all my classes, I provide video overviews, and Camtasia is my go-to editing platform.  As I noted last year, I have used tips I learned from Mike Wesch to record short personal messages using my iPhone and splice them in to my Camtasia recordings” Britt Watwood, Academic, Canada, 2021

“This is the only video editing software I use as it is incredibly fluid to use and the features within it do everything that I need, quickly and easily.” John Hinchcliffe, Head of Talent, UK, 2021

“Our learners are expecting videos, and we need to give them the content they want. It makes editing videos easy and fun. Isn’t loaded with tools that I’ll never use. Short learning curve.” Kely McKeown, Senior Manager, Corporate Global Training and Systems, USA, 2021

“easy to create an educational video” Kalaivani Kalaiselram, educator, Malaysia, 2021

“Great to capture screen recordings” Wouter Maagdenberg, Netherlands, 2021

“While I won’t be winning any video production awards, I have used Camtasia to take amateur videos of my SMEs and polish them up a bit for use in training materials. I’m able to add captions, split one long video into multiple short videos, adjust audio quality, etc.” Susan Manos, Global Learning & Development Director, USA, 2020

“Can create screencasts, very easy to use with great looking end results.” Instructional Designer, 2020

“Use it to produce learning content, capture screens and simple video editing.” Daniel Perdigão, Chief Energizer Officer, Portugal, 2020

“Easy to use tool for the development of video tutorials with useful resources that allow the realization of immersive audiovisual learning objects.” Producer of elearning training material, Spain, 2019

“I use Camtasia to create training and marketing videos for my company. I also edit videos others have created.” Instructional Designer, USA, 2019

Quick Guide to Camtasia

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Camtasia for teaching, training, learning and development.

Camtasia is used in the workplace and in education to create screencasts.

  • These are recorded screen activity (with or without a voiceover) and are a useful way to show people how to use a website or carry out a software task.
  • The video can be paused as an individual works through the task.
  • When it comes to learning a skill, watching it being performed is probably much more effective than reading how to do it.
  • Screencasts are also very useful as job aids.

General guidance

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