Save time managing your social media. Use Buffer to schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place

Website: buffer.com
Cost: Free.
Availability: Online

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Comments on Buffer

“Buffer is one of the more inexpensive social media scheduling and tracking sites. … It also makes it really easy to post to all my social media accounts at once. I like the browser extension that allows me to buffer an image, website, or page on the fly. I also use the app on my smartphone making it easy to take my training and get trained in different fields.” Majlinda Qosja, K12 teacher, Albrania, 2021

“Buffer is a great tool to manage social media” Amutha Navomoney, Adult Ed teacher, Malaysia, 2016

“Such a useful and time-saving tool, Buffer lets me share things on social media using the “slow drip” method.  If you check out my PKM video above, you’ll see that I do a lot of my reading very early in the morning. Instead of sharing everything I find when nobody will see it, I send it to Buffer with a single click and let Buffer post them to Twitter and LinkedIn over the course of a couple days at intervals I want. Buffer will even help you find the best times for sharing based on your connections.” Mike Taylor, USA, 2016

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