130 – Blackboard

Down a further 11 places this year

Blackboard is an educational learning management system – part of a suite of educational tools from Blackboard.

Website: blackboard.com
Cost: Commercial.
Availability: Online

Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2019: 
Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019: 89
Top 100 Tools for Education 2019: 55

Past Overall Rankings
2018: 119    2017: 110    2016: 99     2015: 95    2014: 91    2013: 88
2012: 95      2011: 89      2010: 68      2009: –      2008: –      2007: –

Comments from some of those who selected Blackboard as one of their Top 10 Tools 

“Great for interacting and sharing if set up right.” Gerben Veenema, Netherlands

“It is so far the best discovery for distance learning.” Rose Ngacha, Primary/Secondary teacher, USA, 2016

“For online courses of which I am an instructor.” John Thompson, University/College teacher, Canada, 2016

“We’ve had Blackboard Learn in our university for many years now, It’s a useful one-stop portal for the students.” 2015

“I am not necessarily tied to any one Learning Management System, but have used Blackboard for six years. The ability to provide an engaging and customized learning environment that connects teacher, students, and content continues to be extremely powerful” Britt Wattwood

“I like this as a learning environment as many of our programmes have a very collaborative approach to them and this VLE works well.” Karen Ver

“I like putting all my course materials in one place (even if they are just links to other web-based resources.) Students know to look there first before contacting me.”Susan Quinn