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Video tutorials on how to use YouTube

YouTube has been the No 1 Tool for Learning for the past 4 years. A recent article in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning provides “a collection of short video tutorials created by the folks in YouTube to help you understand some of the basics of how YouTube works and some of the things you can […]

Microsoft launches its Chromium-based Edge browser today

“Microsoft is launching its new Chromium-based Edge browser today. It comes with built-in tracking protection, a new Collections feature to grab images and content from the web, and an Internet Explorer mode for businesses.” Source: How to download Microsoft’s new Edge browser, The Verge 15 January 2019 Edge is at No 167 on the Top […]

How to automate your work with Zapier

“No more copying and pasting tasks from email to your to-do list or chasing after customers via email. Zapier can automate these tasks and many others, too.” Find out 10 Ways to Use Zapier to Automate Your Work in this article in PC Magazine Zapier is ranked at No 171 on the Top Tools for Learning […]

Screencastify is one of the best screen recording tools you can use on your Chrome

“Screencastify is one of the best screen recording tools you can use on your Chrome.” says a recent post in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Screencastify was one of the new tools on the Top 200 Tools for Learning 2019 list, ranked at 148. It was also placed 62nd on the Top 100 Tools for Higher […]

Klaxoon: interactive meeting app

Klaxoon narrowly missed out on a place on the Top Tools for Learning 2019 list. It is a meeting app that encourages interactive team work. Take a look at the video which shows how it can be used within a meeting

New! Guides & Resources section added to the Tools pages

I’m currently expanding the Tools pages to include a section with a number of useful guides and resources. I’ve done this for the top 100 tools so far and will continue to work on the rest of the tools over the coming days. If you have a useful resource to share, do please share it […]

10 apps to help you learn something new

A Mashable post (from December 2019) presents 10 interesting apps to learn something new: Masterclass Headspace Anchor Mimo Yousician Stone Investr Sketch AR Seek Duolingo Find out more about them here: 10 apps to help you learn something new Which have you used?

Can phones replace classrooms for language learning?

A BBC Wales post asks if apps can ever replace classroom language learning or even help revive minority or dying languages? The article discusses a number of language learning apps including Duolingo which is currently No 58 on the Top Tools for Learning. Read more:  Language apps: Can phones replace classrooms? Which apps do you use […]

3 tools Michelle Ockers added to her toolkit in 2019

Michelle Ockers added the following 3 tools to her own toolkit in 2019 Headliner Otter Asana (this one has appeared previously on our Top Tools for Learning list) Read the post here: 3 Tools I Added to my Toolkit in 2019

Mike Taylor’s 3 Top Tools from 2019 you need to know

Mike Taylor shares 3 of his favourite new discoveries from 2019 that earned a place in his 2020 tool kit. Brightslide Glide App (This appears at No 109 on the TT4L2019 list) Sparks Read the post here: Three Top Tools from 2019 you need to know