AskDelphi is a Learning Experience and Performance Support platform

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Comments on AskDelphi

“True workflow learning great approach with 5 Moments of Need Revolutionary in the learning world” Project manager, Germany, 2022

“We recently started to integrate AskDelphi as our performance support platform. If it becomes successful we might replace our LMS with it in a few years” L&D, Netherlands, 2021

“We started with this platform, because of the 5 moments of need methodology” Practical Trainer, Netherlands, 2021

“Great tool that targets my compliance training only on the areas I need to learn and keeps continuously topping up my knowledge/skills” Paul Stevens, UK, 2021

“True performance support technology that provides process-, role, and task based support supporting workers at every moment of need.” Alfred Remmits, CEO, Netherlands, 2020

“It’s a great tool that helps getting easy access to information I need while working. Some processes are complex and going through a Sharepoint or a 300 page manual can be very time consuming. With the use of AskDelphi I have what I need in 10 seconds.” Project Manager, USA, 2020

“AskDelphi enables to learn while working, and provides information within 2 clicks and 10 seconds so I don’t have to stop working to start learning, but it’s fully integrated in the workflow.” Consultant, Netherlands, 2020

Quick Guide to AskDelphi

Here you will find basic guidance and links on how to use AskDelphi for teaching, training, learning and development.

AskDelphi is intended to be used in the workplace to support learning and performance support as follows:

“Learning is more effective when it’s aligned with business objectives, contextual to the user’s need and safely done in the workplace. The AskDelphi Learning Experience and Performance Support platform is uniquely designed around the 5 Moments of Need™ methodology and incorporates its guiding principles and enables employees to learn and perform effectively at the moment where they need it the most; on the job at the moment of apply. By giving quick and easy access to relevant learning and support resources, users can work autonomously, master new skills while performing job tasks and contribute to both personal and organizational goals.”

In the video below (which is an episode from the Performance Matters Series) Bob Mosher speaks with technology partner, AskDelphi’s Robert Bezemer, on their approaches to, and technology around, workflow learning.

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