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AskDelphi is a Learning Experience and Performance Support platform

Website: askdelphi.com
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Comments from some of those who selected AskDelphi as one of their top tools

“True performance support technology that provides process-, role, and task based support supporting workers at every moment of need.” Alfred Remmits, CEO, Netherlands, 2020

“It’s a great tool that helps getting easy access to information I need while working. Some processes are complex and going through a Sharepoint or a 300 page manual can be very time consuming. With the use of AskDelphi I have what I need in 10 seconds.” Project Manager, USA, 2020

“AskDelphi enables to learn while working, and provides information within 2 clicks and 10 seconds so I don’t have to stop working to start learning, but it’s fully integrated in the workflow.” Consultant, Netherlands, 2020

Quick Guide to AskDelphi

Here you will find basic guidance and links on how to use AskDelphi for teaching, training, learning and development.

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