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Articulate’s tools let you create e-learning courses for your LMS and/or create, track and manage online learning in one system, Rise

Website: articulate.com
Cost: Commercial. Free trial
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Workplace Learning: 13
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Education: 73

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Comments on Articulate in 2021

“Storyline: For me, the preferred eLearning course creation tool due to ease of use, robustness, and the large community that freely shares templates, tips, and techniques.” Mary Nunaley, elearning experience designer, USA

“Rise – if I still have to build content via an authoring tool, I’m not going to mess around. Rise is by far the best in terms of price-quality. The entire Articulate 360 ​​suite, which includes Rise, is the best that the professional as well as the home, garden and kitchen developer will find.” Matthias Vermeulen, Belgium

“Storyline: love using it to create interactive stuff (not necessarily eLearning).” Olga Anishenkova, eLearning Design Team Lead, Spain

“I’m certainly not a pro, but I have been learning to use Storyline over the last year and it has helped me greatly. What I appreciate about Storyline is that with a bit of skill (ok, a lot of skill) there are endless opportunities to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. I’ve just begun playing with Rise but I’m a big fan already! Rise makes designing eLearning so approachable as well as quick. I also appreciate how clean the Rise templates are, and how bug-free Rise is compared to its cousin Storyline. The thing about Rise is that if you are creating a course in Rise, it needs to be built within the confines of what Rise provides for optimal effectiveness (aka: don’t try to get too fancy). However, for someone without crazy Storyline chops (or maybe someone looking to cut down on your development timeline), Rise is an excellent tool to get you designing effective eLearning, quickly.” Lauren Westcott, L&D manager, USA

“Storyline; Most of the elearning content I build for clients is created in Articulate Storyline, part of the Articulate 360 suite. Storyline is fairly easy to develop with, but flexible enough to do plenty with if you’re creative. Articulate Review saves me tons of time collecting feedback from clients and stakeholders. I use Rise for some development as well, depending on the project.” Christy Tucker, USA

“Storyline Rise: Even though I know how to develop in Storyline, what I need is a tool that I can turn content into a course FAST. I wish it had more flexibility in brand colors and more interactions. Storyline: Still need to use it for certain courses, especially with complex subjects. They keep adding tools and have simplified the triggers.” Kely McKeown, Senior Manager, Corporate Global Training and Systems, USA

“We continue to rely on Storyline because it can do so much. Similar to PowerPoint (in so many ways), it is a powerhouse for creating custom interactions that create new and engaging experiences. We still don’t believe we’ve done everything that can be done in Storyline.” Tim Waxenfelter, USA

Previous comments

“It’s a great tool to create courses with a lot of interaction possibilities.” Kirsten, Dutch Language Teacher, Netherlands,

Articulate Rise: “Have been using this again after a bit of a break. Can be frustrating but then you compare to some old “eLearning” and you realise things have moved on (a bit).” Ian Gardner, Online Learning and Development Coordinator, Switzerland, 2020

Articulate Rise: “Easy development of online mobile friendly content. Lacks some oomph but this can be helped with embedded Storyline interactions.” Learning Designer, UK, 2020

Articulate 360: “Really easy to use to create elearning.” Elaine Carr, Instructional Design Manager, USA

Articulate Storyline” “Powerful interactive possibilities. Could be more mobile friendly but small chunks can be dropped in to Rise. Also useful for creating animations to mp4 and for screen capture, and to create closed captions.” Learning Designer, UK, 2020

Articulate Storyline: “Good tool for complex development and design.” Learning Technology Developer, USA, 2020

Articulate Storyline: “Storyline makes it easy to create interactive elearning modules without knowing much code.” Training Manager, Switzerland

Quick Guide to Articulate 

Here you will find some basic guidance and links to resources on how to use Articulate for teaching, training, learning and development.

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